Hey guys! This video covers five important tips, that will help you to get better at aim aiming. Let‘s get right into it. Tip Number 1. Get your mouse settings right. Even the best pro player will not hit anything, if he plays with bad mouse settings. I recommend to turn mouse acceleration off, so your crosshair moves consistently just as far as your mouse. Set Raw Input to On, so the input comes directly from your mouse, without getting modified by your operating system. I recommend to use the lowest sensitivity possible, which is still comfortable for you. You can use lower values than 1 by typing it into here, and pressing enter. I would leave Zoom Sensitivity like it is, so your sensitivity doesn‘t change when using a scope. Tip Number Two. Practice and warmup. Setup a practice routine and always warmup before hopping into a competitive game.

I recommend to use this workshop map. You can find the link in the description. Just Press Subscribe and you can find the map ingame under Workshop. You should also practice on deathmatch, so you can train your movement in combination with aiming. I recommend Community Deathmatch instead of Valve Deathmatch, because you have better players, and it‘s actual deathmatch and not team deathmatch. Just go to Browse Community Servers and type in deathmatch or ffa, which means free for all. Tip Number 3. Learn the spray patterns. Every weapon has it‘s own spray pattern, which can be compensated by moving the mouse into the opposite direction. This is a very nice workshop map for practicing spray control. But you should also practice on deathmatch, because in a competitive game you need to spray at moving targets, and not just at still standing walls.

Tip Number 4. Crosshair Placement. Always keep your crosshair at head level where an enemy might be. When you see an enemy, you don‘t need to move your crosshair that much, and can just shoot him. Also, don‘t have your crosshair to close to the corner, otherwise you will not have enough time to react. You can also preshoot if you expect an enemy to be there, but prepare yourself to be called a hacker. Tip number 5. Go for headshots. Especially new players just go for bodyshots instead of headshots, because they are easier to hit. This is a very bad habit. Always go for headshots, except when it takes only one shot in the body to finish the enemy off. To put it into perspective, a headshot makes roughly the same damage, as four shots in the body. Especially at the pistol round, where nobody has a helmet, you will mostly need only one headshot to kill your enemy. These were my five tips. Thanks for watching, and if you like this video, please hit the like button and subscribe to my channel..

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