Hey guys. This video will focus on entry fraggers and how to effectively entry frag. Entry Fragging is when a player gets an entry kill to open up a bombsite or open up a part of the map. It’s one of the most important roles of the game and it’s one of the biggest reasons for who might win the round. So here’s my top 5 tips for entry fraggers. My first tip is to position yourself so that you have cover. Being out in the open with no cover, is a very big disadvantage. Here’s an example. This position is pretty bad. If a guy comes out and spots me, he’s gonna be able to kill me because I don’t have any cover and if I need to reload, I have nowhere to go. To avoid this, I need to play safe, and the key is to always have a close wall or close to cover. It’s about playing safe and to make sure that you’re a harder target, for the enemy.

My second tip is to know when to focus. And I really mean this because many new players get caught off guard. Some people have a really hard time focusing when it’s time to entry frag because there’s a lot of pressure on them. Let’s take an example outside of the game, when you do homework for school, what do you do to keep yourself focused? Do you listen to music, do you need some peace and quiet, do you need something to eat or drink? Now the answer to that question can help you figure out what works best for you when you need to entry frag. So how can you make sure to be focused? Try to find a solution for this, and remember to be extra focused when entry fragging because this is the moment you really want to focus. My third tip is about what seperates a good and a bad player, reaction time. Counter-Strike is about being able to make quick decisions fast. If you’re not being fast, then you’re not being fast enough. It’s not easy thing improve because it’s very genetic, but you wanna react as fast as you possibly can..

A good way to warmup is by downloading this map or you can play some of the reaction time games online. I like this game a lot and It’s very simpe. All you do is click when it turns green which will warm you up and improve your reaction time . After that, make sure you practice your aim so that you feel like you have control and that you’re ready. My fourth tip is pre-aiming. Pre-aiming means to aim where the enemy might show up. Many beginners aim at the floor or the wall or something else that doesn’t really help the player. If you pre-aim you’re helping yourself become more prepared and ready. Sometimes when you pre-aim you can also pre-fire, which can be very effective if you know the map very well. It’s very important to practice your aim on different parts of the map so that you feel ready and confident and always place your crosshair at the head level to increase the chances of getting a headshot. Remember, pre-aim can make the difference you need, to win the round.

My fith tip is knowing what weapon to buy for which scenario. If you’re trying to entry frag drop on cobblestone for example, you might wanna buy a shotgun because of the small, tight space. If you wanna peek long and you have a good spawn, buying an awp can be really effective because of the distance and the timing. Or maybe you wanna go out middle where they can be both close and far away, then maybe the Ak-47 would be the best choice. It sounds very obvious, but many new players forget about this and they only focus on what they want, simply because, they want it. When entry fragging, it’s very important to think about what you’re planning to do with the gun you buy so that you’re using it to your fullest advantage. That was my five tips and I hope you enjoyed the video.

And I’ll see you guys soon!.

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