Hey guys, salut mes amis och hallå gubbar. This video will focus on 5 tips for in-game leaders. This is one of the most important roles of the game and it’s actually my favorite. But how do you become a good in-game leader? Tip number 1: A good in-game leader speaks from the beginning to the end of the match. Let’s say that you all agree on what to do on the pistol round, but then you die and lose the round. Next round is sensitive and can be a little bit ackward, but you have to believe. Keep telling your team what to do, even if you’re losing or it’s going bad, keep the flow. This shows everyone that you’re a strong leader and that you wan’t to win. Tip Number 2: If you know what your friends or teammates are good at, you can tell them what to do based on their skills.

If you have a friend that is really good with the AWP, you can tell him to peek middle for example to make use of his skills. If you have a good lurker, you can tell him to lurk alone in Palace while the rest of the team works up middle. And if a player isn’t performing well, you can tell him to play more passively so he’s not the first person to die all the time. Basically, you need to know your teammates and use their skills and personalities to your advantage. Now let’s talk a little bit more about personalities. Tip Number 3: As an in-game leader you also need to accept that everyone has different personalities and some people will not listen to you.

You will once in a while have to deal with this guy. But if you do, don’t get mad, make sure you stay calm and set the right tone so people feel comfortable with you. If someone isn’t listening to you, at least give out some positive vibes if the dude is helping the team by killing enemies. Everyone likes to hear that they did a nice job, and this will make them appreciate you more. Eventually people will listen to someonee when the team is losing because in the end, most of us just want to win. Unless you’re a smurf or a watermelon you piece of ****. Tip Number 4: Make sure that when you’re talking to your team, be clear with your words so people understand what you mean. If the strategy is too advanced for your teammates or takes too long to explain: Basically, make sure you tell people what to do at the right time & don’t overcomplicate things.

Tip Number 5: Being a leader is always about finding a solution. If your plan gets interrupted or it doesn’t work as planned you can always find an alternative plan and still make a comeback. Remember to be flexible in your approach and try to always find solutions instead of problems. Don’t blame the player for doing a bad play, instead try to make the player understand what went wrong, so they can improve and learn from their mistakes. Do you have any other tips for In-game leaders? I want to finish the video to say that you can also help the in-game leader by giving valuable info on where the enemy is, that way it’s easier to plan out a strategy based on the current situation. Hope you enjoyed the video, this was Maxim, stay awesome & go bananas!.

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