Hello and welcome to my new video. Today I will be given you the Ultimate b-hop tutorial with all the best b-hop macros existing right now. I will also explain how to install and use them in the best way. So if you want to bunny hop like a pro, then this is definitely the video for YOU! 😉 To be able to use the download file you need to have Razer Synapse which requires a Razer mouse or keyboard. If you don’t then using the same timings should in theory work for any other macro software. How to download: Follow the link the description to mediafire.com here you can download the b-hop macros by pressing the “download” button. Now save the file somewhere safe on your PC where you can find it later. A quick reminder. There will also be lots of information in the description so go and check it out before asking questions. Now it is time to open Razer Synapse, go to “macros” and click the (…) icon and select “import”.

Now browse and locate the file you downloaded It should be (B-HopMacro_v2.RazerSynapse) and click “import” again. Now you should have three different types of macros available under the macro tab. These three macros are called: “B-Hop_17ms” which spams spacebar with 17ms delay to make you hit a somewhat decent b-hop at any surface and tickrate. The next one is “B-Hop_64t_v1” It is the same as the old macro from the b-hop video I made. That presses space with with a specific delay to hit a perfect b-hop at 100% flat surface on 64 tick servers. At last we have “B-Hop_64t_v2” It is the same as v1 but improved so it does not have an extra b-hop at the end.

I will go into detail more detail on how they work. And which one you should use later in the video. Now go back to “mouse” and first make a new profile and give it a name that fits. So you can easily can switch between profiles if you want to disable the b-hop macro. Then change the options in the performance menu to what you prefer, I use 800* dpi and 1000 hz in polling rate. Now go back to your customize settings, and here you can choose what button you want to assign the macros to and select “macro” as the key assignment.

Now select the b-hop macro you want to use. And do NOT forget to but the playback options as “play while assigned key is pressed” For all b-hop macros If you are using a Razer mouse I highly recommend assigning it to one of your mouse buttons, 4 or 5. If you are using a keyboard you can assign it to any button you feel comfortable pressing and doesn’t interfere with your gameplay. Also do NOT assign the macro to “space” or the macro won’t work! And now we are done installing the b-hop macro. You can easily change between profiles and go back to your original one if you want to disable the b-hop macro without removing the assignments, by selecting the profile tab in Razer Synapse or by clicking the icon on your desktop.

Now let’s start CS:GO! Before you start b-hopping go into your options menu to “mouse and keyboard” and make sure have “jump” bind to “Space”. Optional: If you want to jump with the scroll wheel you can put these two commands into the console to jump with both “Space-bar” and the “mouse wheel”. Now if you want to practise b-hopping with the macros, start your own local server. Here are two helpful commands you can use to make it easier to learn. “net_graph 1” which will show you the tickrate of the server and your FPS and more… And “cl_showpos 1” which will show you your current speed and velocity in the game in the top left corner. How do you use the b-hop macro? First you need to make sure you have installed everything correctly. And you should stand still at the place and press and HOLD down the button you assigned the macro to.

If you now are jumping up and down as soon as you hit the ground you, like this, you have installed it correctly. To use the macro in motion, I recommend reaching full speed with your weapon then hold down the macro button again to for as long as you want to b-hop. As you can see you will keep the speed you had before the previous jump. Now let’s add strafing, this is what makes you gain more speed than normal (250 ups) and you can reach a speed up to about 300 ups.

When you reach a greater speed than 300 ups, the server will automatically slow you down to about 200 ups. Pro tip: To avoid this, try to stay under 300 ups by not strafing too much when you are close to 300 ups. Congratulations, You are now able to bunny hop like a pro. 😀 Now let’s talk about the different b-hop macros and which one you should use V1 is the same macro as the old b-hop tutorial which also had a problem that it makes an extra hop at the end which can be really annoying. But with practise you can work around it and prepare for this extra hop. Most importantly this macro is the most consistent of all of them from my experience and I recommend this to players that have a bit of experience about b-hopping and know how to strafe. V2, Same as V1 but with NO extra b-hop at the end. But it’s a bit less consistent to hit the first b-hop for some reason compared to V1. Recommended to those who already have tested the old macro and want to upgrade.

Both V1 and V2 only works on 100% flat surfaces and 64 tick servers but is the best way to b-hop on flat ground, so you can easily gain lots of speed and keep it which is the whole point of b-hopping after all. 17ms, Is a b-hop macro that works on any surface and also on 128 tick servers but it is by far the least consistent and it doesn’t always a hit perfect b-hop so it will be more difficult to keep a speed above 250 ups compared to the other macros. I recommend this to the more casual players that just want to b-hop for fun and not to gain an speed advantage. The ultimate solution is to have both V1 or V2 with the 17ms macro assigned to a button each, in this case you can then use best b-hop macro depending on the situation. FAQ time! Q: Can you get VAC-banned? A: No, macros only makes your PC press buttons on your keyboard and it is nothing that VAC can detect or get you banned for.

Q: Can you get OverWatch-banned? A: Yes, you could get OverWatch (OW) banned for using b-hop macros but the risk is very low because you are still able to do b-hops like this, the macro only makes it more consistent for you. Q: Does it work for other Gaming mouses or keyboards? A: No, you will need the software Razer Synapse which can only be used by having a Razer Mouse/Keyboard. – In theory it should work with the same delay with other macro softwares.

Q: My macro says “space” instead of “blanksteg” as yours, what is wrong? A: Nothing is wrong, “Blanksteg” is “Space” in Swedish since I have a Swedish keyboard, so there is nothing wrong with ur macro. Q: Does it work for other Operating systems as well (Mac & Linux)? A: What I know so far is that many people have problems with Mac and it doesn’t seem to work and for Linux I think it is the same. But the 17ms macro should still work. For more questions please read my FAQ linked in the description. Do you need extra help with the macros? Well I suggest that you join my Steam group where we can help each other as a community, which will be linked in the video description.

But that’s all for now and don’t forget to have fun!.

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