Top middle smoke on Mirage is a great example of a must-know pre-smoke. Everyone playing this game should know it. In this video I’ll show you some more useful pre-smokes on other maps to easier win against an AWP or increase your chances of winning eco rounds. Hey guys, salut mes amis och hallå gubbar, Maxim here. The point of this video is to go through one or two smokes for T side similar to the one on Mirage but for other maps as well so you can pretty much impress your friends and win some key rounds. You will be able to use these on Matchmaking, now let’s go through all the other maps that people usually play. Starting with, Inferno. Here’s a good pre-smoke for middle. Stand here, aim somewhere here, doesn’t need to be perfect, walk slowly forward to the second wire and release. It lands deep and very close to the CT’s.

Also if you ever want to scare them on banana you have this one, make sure you add a flash right after for a good combo. Next, Train. It’s hard to pick a good pre-smoke on this map because it favors long-range weapons but if I had to pick one that I think everyone should know, this is the one. In this corner you can throw a smoke like this which will help you get out much safer and also make it harder for CT’s to play from e-box. For this smoke it’s recommended that you combine it with flashes and other utilities. Next, Nuke. If you’re ever going to play Nuke then this pre-smoke is pre-tty useful. In this corner you can match the lamp with the pipe and when you go out you’ll have more room to work with. CT’s playing with long range weapons will have a hard time dealing with you outside, and it will also cover this annoying angle close to spawn. If your teammates don’t know how to properly smoke outside you have pretty much safe passage to wing it from this end.

Next, Cobblestone. There are so many different angles for awpers here that I’m not even gonna bother mention them all, but middle can be quite annoying and I have good pre-smoke. In this corner aim here, then move down so you are between these two shapes, let go and voila. Not only will it prevent CT’s from getting an early pick middle, it allows you to sneak pass any player who is holding from Danger if you want to be sneaky. Next, Overpass. There’s one good pre-smoke everyone should know and it will definitely make it harder for CT’s to get an early pick with the awp. From here, find this line and release your smoke.

Perfect for an eco-round. Next, Cache. The best pre-smoke for this map is for connector. My favorite version is to find the third white rectangle, aim here, and while running, jump-throw. This won’t clear out any awper playing from highway or spools, but I have another smoke for that. Align yourself so the blue color touches the white color, aim on the roof, run and jump-throw. Both these smokes will work on matchmaking. Lastly, I wanna add Dust2, cause why not. The best pre-smoke is for x-box and the easiest way to perform it safely, is by jump-throwing like this. On Matchmaking you wanna throw it a bit higher so it lands good. That was the video, and hopefully you’ll find these smokes useful for your matches. If you need a jump-throw bind you can check my own config. Also I wanna announce that I’m finally going to start streaming when I play with my friends for people who are interested.

We speak Swedish but I’m obviously going to reply to you guys in English and even in French. I’ll put the Twitch link in the video description, so if you wanna follow me you can click that link. Let me know if you liked the video, I’ll see you guys in the next one, and go bananas!.

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