-GB It didn’t take long for Valve to nerf the revolver. Last night they published a cleverly-named update blog admitting that they made a huge mistake and that the gun has now been nerfed. Let’s look at the two changes. Firstly, it now takes .4 seconds to fire instead of the one third of a second taken previously. There’s not much more to say about this so let’s get onto the interesting, second change, which has been to the damage, the base value of which has gone from 115 down to 86, not that that means much on its own. Let’s talk about distances, starting against armoured opponents. A headshot is still an instant kill at any range, just as it was before the patch.

The lower body is where the magic has happened! It now takes 2 shots to kill here at any range if the enemy is wearing armour. Before, it was an instant kill up to a distance of 2400 units, which covers pretty much any shot that you’d have to take apart from the obviously sniping-ranged positions. The upper body also takes 2 shots to kill at any range. Before it was an insta-kill up close, dropping to 2 shots beyond 570 units. And lastly, the legs now take 2 shots to kill, or 3 beyond 2100 units. It used to be 2 at any range or 1 if you were literally stood right next to the enemy. Against unarmoured, legs remain the same since they don’t ever have armour. The head remains a 1 hit kill, both before and after the update. The lower body is a 1-hit kill up to 600 units and then down to 2. Before, it was an instant-kill up to 3000 units which covers almost every position. And lastly, the arms and upper body take 2 shots at any range, whereas before this would instantly kill if closer than 1150 units. The gun’s maximum range is 4096 units, the same as the other pistols and half that of rifles and snipers.

Beyond this distance, the gun’s damage instantly drops to 0. Not that it matters since no official map has areas longer than this. In conclusion, this update was needed. Now that it takes two body shots to kill it’s transformed this gun from a weapon of mass destruction into a frustrating but highly rewarding assisting role. Such a cheap, highly accurate and damaging weapon would have been unthinkable before but the delayed fire feature allows for it to be balanced, even if the mix isn’t there just yet. But give it time. I can see this new weapon becoming a favourite for all the right reasons..

As found on Youtube