Hey guys, salut mes amis och hallå gubbar, Maxim here. It’s been a while since I made a Noob To Pro video, and this one has been heavily requested. Now before we begin the video, please know, that I would not recommend soloQ in general, but sometimes we all take that gamble in hopes of grinding ourselves to global. For me, I believe playing with pre-m8s is almost always a better option, especially with people that you can learn from to help you grow as a player. However, if soloQ is the only option for you, then watch this video because these tips will increase your chances of winning. Tip #1 – SoloQ means playing a match with randoms. Random people will not know you, the same way you don’t know them, but almost 99% of all the CS:GO players that soloQ are stubborn and they don’t give a **** about your advice. So with that said, avoid telling people how to play. You know exactly how it feels and how frustrating it is to have someone comment on the way you play. So in short, don’t tell anyone how to play the game, and just focus on playing your best.

Tip #2 – If one of your teammates seem to hate you for some unknown reason, keep giving info to your team anyway. Why Maximuh? Cause even if they’re d***ks, it still shows that you’re trying to win. If your teammates are being rude, don’t respond to them. Don’t even tell them, “muted”. But, of course, if you feel like you’re under-performing cause someone’s picking on you, then yes you should mute them. Just remember, giving info shows to your teammates that you’re really trying to win. Tip #3 – Most soloQ players only think about themselves which results to bad communication. There’s really not much you can do about this, so when you’re on the CT side, it’s important that you look around, watch where your teammates are going, what weapons they have, and help fill the empty gaps.

As an example, if you see that one of the bomb sites are empty make sure you secure it. If you’re going to one of the bombsites but then a third guy decides to leave the other bombsite with one guy short, then let him play on that site you were on, and support the solo player instead. Basically, do your best to observe your team, use the radar as much as possible and be quick to notice simple mistakes that wouldn’t be possible to adjust from your teammates because their ego’s are too busy not giving a sh**. Tip #4 – When Solo-Queuing, don’t expect anyone to hold your flank, don’t expect any help if you’re alone on a bombsite, and definitely don’t expect any team strats. In soloQ it’s very important that you rely more on yourself and less on your teammates. What really helps is to learn a couple good popflashes, one-way smokes and angles that you can use yourself without relying on anyone else. It’s also recommended that you buy as many nades as possible on T side so you can execute alone if you ever need to.

It’s always good to know a couple tricks on each site so you can show people that you know what you’re doing. I’ve made a couple videos already on tips for different maps and bombsites and I’m making more in the future, so if you’re not subscribed with notifications on, make sure you do that. Tip #5 – This may be one of the most common tips, but you have to be positive to improve your chances of winning. Being negative can really hurt the teams performance and make people give up early, especially in soloQ. If you think someone did a good job, make sure you tell them and be supportive.

This is how you can avoid soloQ’s in the future, because if you happen to have a good game and you’re being friendly you will most likely get a friend request or two. Also, I wanna share with you one of my best tips if you happen to have two teammates acting like watermelons, fighting each-other over something stupid and random like: What I like to do is, tell them to talk about it after the match. Even if the chances of them talking after the match are close to 0, that’s the whole point. There’s not a lot of people who would go so far to discuss an argument after the match is over. It seems to work well for me, but I don’t know, maybe it’s because they realize that what they’re doing isn’t such a big deal after all. Well, so far, it’s been working quite well for me, just make sure you don’t repeat it over and over again or you might just piss them off even more.

Anyway that’s the video and those were my tips for soloQ. I hope I could help you poor bastards who are constantly grinding soloQ, and yes, I feel you, I truly do. Make sure you follow me on other social medias as well to keep update with what I do, I’ll see you guys soon, and go bananas!.

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