Are you tired of being called a noob for using the P90? Do you love getting anti-eco frags? Are you a hard ass gangsta that ain’t got time for these CT fools? Then fear not! The Big Mac-10 is for you! First, let’s go over some background history of the weapon: The Big Mac-10, as American as the Big Mac itself, was developed in the United States. It can be calibered in 9mm or .45 acp, but clearly in-game it’s 9mm because shooting at armor is it’s kryptonite.

In 1994 The Mac-10 was banned alongside many other guns in the USA because the ATF is about as strict as a christian father on Easter sunday. So this explains why only the Terrorista can buy the gun ingame, and not the CT’s, even though it was invented in America. Now lets learn some statistics of the weapon: The Mac-10 is made of steel stampings which are relatively quite cheap, which explains its low cost, making it cheaper than a Jew in an electronics store. This also makes the least-expensive SMG in game compared to the other options. The magazine size is approx the amount of empty cough syrup bottles an african american from the houston area has….aw fuck! The magazine capacity of the Mac-10 is approximately The amount of hours of overtime the average single father will have to work to afford child support payments…there we go The damage is as equal to that of an annoying 3-year old at a sports event whacking you in the back of the head with thunder sticks.

The movement speed is as fast as Donald Trump signing controversial executive orders. Next let’s move on to some gameplay tactics of the weapon: It has a collapsible stock on that back, but if you use that you might as well bring your purse and lipstick with you too because of how much of a pussy you are. If you want to be a real man, shoot it one handed, like you shoot your load every night. A little known fact about the mac-10 is that if you hold it sideway while wearing a do-rag it doubles it’s dps. Another little known fact is that before you used to be able to buy it on the pistol round if you killed someone fast enough. Using the Mac-10 is easy for any silver.

It’s just a cheaper shittier version of the P90. It’s key strength that it has compared to other SMG’s is it’s jumping accuracy. CT’s on an eco round are going to be holding tight corners with pistols hoping to get a headshot. The beauty of this gun is that you can just jump around every corner like the easter bunny on crack, and spray down any CT trash using his Fucking Fiveseven. “Go fuck yourself you fucking cunts with you’re broken ass pistols…piece of shit…” Another great advantage to the Mac 10 is its kill reward is much higher than compared to something like the P90, so it is a very great choice to buy after you win the pistol round. Using the Big Mac-10 is the best way to show your patriotic support of being a real American, besides wearing something like a tank top or a choker. So, that’s all there is to using the Big Mac-10! Tune in next time as I show you how to use the GAY-K47, and remember:.

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