Do you like using weapons like the Negev? Do you have over a 12 round lead at halftime? Is Tracer your favorite hero in Overwatch? “Cheers love, the cavalry’s here!” Then fear not! The Dualies are for you! First let’s go over some history of the weapon: The dualies are simply 2 M9 berettas held in each hand. The Beretta was going against the CZ75 for being the new standard sidearm of the US military. Contrary to popular belief, the CZ75 actually won as you can see in this clip, just how much superior it is than the M9 Beretta. To make up for it’s lack of firepower, it was decided it is best to hold one in each hand and just spam the fuck out of it like it’s a shotgun. Seeing just how good they were in Source, GabeN decided to nerf them to being next to useless, while simultaneously buffing the shit out of every other pistol, Because: Fuck you, that’s why! Now let’s go over some statistics of the weapon: The dualies are available on both CT and T side for $500. It holds 15 rounds in each gun, for 30 total.

The armor penetration is fucking useless. The damage just tickles people. And overall it’s just a fucking piece of shit. Just buy a Five-Seven or a Tec 9. Why do these things even exist? Now let’s learn some gameplay tactics of the weapon: Step 1: Buy a Tec-9 *outro* Just kidding. Step 1 to using these guns is only to buy when you have a ridiculous lead. Like, you’re NiP vs some trash no-name team and can do meme strats like crab-walking up banana.

Actually, the only time you’re going to buy this gun is if you’re doing strat-roulette, or if you’re gold nova. There’s 2 basic strategies for using the Dualies. You can try going for 1-taps but you’ll probably end up losing to a USP every time. Or you can try to spam the shit out of them in the general direction of the enemy. Alright, so the bullets will hit somewhere in the general area of this circle, so you have a 1 in 30 chance of getting the headshot you need.

These things are pretty much like the Negev. You aren’t going for kills directly, but mostly just firing for effect to scare the shit out of people. Using the dualies aren’t that hard and…god fucking damnit I can’t get any kills with these things. Be right back, I have an idea. Alrighty, now I can actually get kills with them. Now let’s see some high-level Global Elite gameplay of the weapon: So that’s all there is to using the Dualies.

Tune in next time as I show you how to use the PEPE-Bizon, and remember! Don’t buy these meme-guns, they’re trash..

As found on Youtube