Are you tired of deranking? Having trouble with basic skills like aiming? Do you find that all your teammates favorite color is Silver? The fear not! The ELO-90 is for you! The ELO-90 refers to how much ranking up you’ll be doing from your sick anti-eco spray downs, so let’s learn how to practically use it! The ELO-90 contains 50 absolute bullshit face-melting high damage rounds with a reload time shorter than your Silver attention span. The rate of fire alone on this thing gives the Negev a run for it’s money.

This gun only costs $2300 and is the most overpowered weapon in this game. “And that is why I think they need to nerf the P90.” *reddit thread* Using the ELO-90 is pretty straight forward. Just pretend you stole it from the gun store and don’t stop moving. No seriously, the second you stop moving you’re going to get 1 tapped by an AK. Just run and gun. Valve likes to cater to newer players, so just abuse this bullshit gun as long as you can.

The ELO-90 can be a bit of a crutch though. After a while you’ll find that it’s quite easy to use to rank up from the lower ranks, but as you rank up, you find that it becomes quite useless. At that point to don’t know what else to do since all you did was use nothing but the ELO-90. At this point, you can no longer progress and rank up. We like to call this point “DMG” Now, in all seriousness.

This gun isn’t that overpowered. It’s honestly just a meme that silvers use. There’s way better options for when you need to actually buy an SMG. The P90 is actually really bad when you start to consider its kill reward and honestly I don’t see an actual purpose for it besides for Silvers. If they just removed it from the game, maybe then all the Silvers would actually learn to improve for once. So honestly, it’s quite trash and you probably shouldn’t even use it. Once again I am mistreated by the Globals Born to suffer for smurfing Only to be laughed at The P90 is the only thing we have Why do Globals hate us so much? We never did anything to hurt you I used to be Silver 2 Only to be abused by Global smurfs yet again. My friends and I were tortured We were in Hell The P90 is the only thing we have Counter Strike is fun Even for us Though our ranking seems grim We will prevail.

We will prevail. So, tune in next time as I show you how to use the “I have 16,000 dollars”. And remember, #SilverLivesMatter too.

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