Are you tired of losing eco rounds? Do you keep dying on buy rounds because you’re trash with rifles? Do you like force buying every round? Then fear not! The KEK-9 is for you! The KEK-9 goes by many names, the rekt-9, kek-9, or even Fnatec-9. The Kek-9 former shitty variant, the Tec-9, was arguably the worst pistol in the game. Then one day someone at valve was sick of being stuck in DMG for so long and buffed the fuck out of the tec-9 because obviously the pistols weren’t already broken enough.

So he decided to make a semi automatic AK47 that held 32 bullets and had the nearly the same movement speed as a knife, all for only $500. Now he no longer needs to eco and can buy every round! Thankfully though, valve came to their senses and the ammo capacity was “sensibly” lowered to 24 rounds. So you can no longer ace in a single clip and now you actually have to reload the damn thing for once. Now using the Kek-9 can be quite tricky. The key to using it is not only to press Mouse 1, but to hold W at the same time. This way you get the most effectiveness out of it. At longer distances, it’s best to press Mouse 1 slower, and the closer you get to your enemies, the faster you should click.

The faster you click, the better you’ll do since the armour penetration is absolute bullshittery high. I know that this might seem hard, so if this is a little too complicated for you, you can just set a macro to click away for you. Now you what an AA-12 would look like if they ever added one to CS:GO. So now all you have to do is group up with your team and rush B site. Doesn’t matter what map it is, just always go B on eco’s. If that poor mother fucker holding B site decided to buy an AWP, he’s in for an interesting ride. So that’s all there is to it.

Just don’t stop moving. Moving equals winning. So tune in next time as I show you how to use the “Fucking Auto noob”, and remember, who needs to learn spray patterns when you can just buy pistols all game?.

As found on Youtube