Woo! 16-0 boys. Alright, last round. Let’s buy out. “Ah fuck, I miss clicked” James you fucking Imbecile! We go through this every fucking time with you! “It was an accident” ‘iT WAs aN aCCIdeNT’ All you had to do was buy the negev! “Uh hey, c-c-can you guys get this over with and just win, I have to leave for class soon” *Bang* And you call yourself Global… … Am I retarded? Do you have too much money? Are buy binds too confusing for you? Did you like eating paint chips as a kid? Then fear not! The mis click is for you! First let’s go over some background history of the Miss Click: The M249 was a sick prank by valve to fuck with the newer players that just got CSGO to make them think just because it’s more expensive that it means it’s clearly better.

“Don’t worry guiez I got the M249 because I got lot’s of money!1!” “Oh my dude you just got pranked! Bet you didn’t’ see that one coming, huh?” When you first get CSGO, buying the M249 for the first time is a right of passage for every player, as you discover that not all guns are priced equally for how effective they are ($500 LMAO) Now let’s move on to some statistics of the $5000 automatic Glock: None of these stats are going to matter to you anyways.

The only stat you need to remember is how much it costs, because that’s how much money you’re going to lose when you accidentally buy this thing. The M249 is available on CT and T side for $5200. It has a rate of fire of: slower than the negev It has a magazine size of: less than the negev It has a reload speed of: doesn’t fucking matter since you’re going to be dead before you even get the chance to reload with this It has a recoil pattern of: a silver elite player attempting to spray an AK47 with parkinson’s Smitty you sonofabitch. People have been waiting 2 weeks for this video! What’s the hold up? What do I pay you for?! No excuses. You slip up again and ya fired.

Now let’s move on to some gameplay tactics of the worst economic disaster since 2008: Step 1 to buying it is: YOU DONT No one actually buys this thing. You only buy it when you fuck up, just like when you wake up with a hangover and discovered you bought $500 worth of useless shit last night on Amazon. Or you purposely bought it when you couldn’t afford a negev. (RIP old price) Just like when you go to a restaurant and ask for a drink: “Hey, can I get coke” “Uh…is pepsi okay?” *Fuck you bitch they’re not the same* “I mean..ye..yeah that’s okay” You can’t really do anything useful ingame with the constant reminder that you fucked up.

Just like a liberal arts degree. You can’t really apply it towards anything. And even if you try, everyone will just laugh at you. So that’s all there is to using the misclick. Tune in next time as I show you how to use the Gold Nova, and remember: you..you should really get some buy binds setup so you don’t fuck up and buy this thing..

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