Are you ready to spam “gg ez” in chat? Do you have mad stacks of money? Do you want the other team to know that you’re a big-dick swinger? Then fear not! The Negev is for you! The Negev contains 150 rounds of soul crushing defeat, with a rate of fire of 1.000 rpm. The recoil on the Negev is buttclenching high, so you are better off aiming at the feet of your enemies. The Negev is the most expensive gun in the game at $5,700 , and rightfully so. The Negev is the equivalent of the P90 on steroids and meth. It was originally designed to see just how much noise the human eardrums can take before breaking. (which is about an entire casual lobby filled with mic spammers). So now that we know some background info on the Negev, let’s learn how to use it. The Negev is actually not that effective on it’s own. You have to go for careful, well-timed bursts to make it effective. Ironically most of the time you can do more with a $300 pistol than the Negev, but that’s just counter-strike for you.

But the effectiveness of the Negev scales with the number of them you have on your team. The best strat to using it in a group is to simply group up, and press Mouse 1, and hold W and rush a site together. If your team has 5 Negevs in a competitive match, chances are you are in silver so the other team won’t stand a chance to counter your rush. The only tactic to counter this is for them to call your team a bunch of noobs, hoping to demoralize you to stop using the Negev. The most effective counter to this is to unload the remainder of your clip into your opponent’s body to assert your dominance as the big-dick swinger in the server. If these kids get in a position where they were almost going to get 16-0’d, show no mercy. Don’t let up on them. They are trash. Pound them down into the dirt and their ELO with it. Also, make sure to stock up when you do decide to purchase the Meme Machine.

Make sure to buy 1 of every nade, a deagle, zeus, you name it. Just to show off how much money you have. And when you and your teammates die, you’ll Ironically have to save now because you just wasted $9,000 each on a single round. And that is why they don’t allow children to gamble. You’re shit at money management. You’re better off just force buying a P90 every round. Normally I’d suggest and AWP if you have that much money, but we all know how bad your aim is. So that’s really all there is to it. Just hold Mouse 1 and W and laugh at your fallen enemies. So tune in next time as I show you how to use the KEK-9, and remember, who cares about hearing loss.

Losing ELO is way worse..

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