Are you tired of inaccurate guns like the deagle? Are you shit with rifles? Do you always know what the time is? Then fear not! The pocket AWP is for you! First, let’s learn some background history of the weapon. The pocket AWP was released in December of 2015, around 4 months too soon for an April fool’s prank. The CSGO Dev Vitality just got done moving all the ranks back, but this caused his main derank to DMG. Clearly he wasn’t garbage and he’s stuck in ELO hell, so he needed a quick way to get out. He was obviously very busy with his job at Valve, so he didn’t have time to learn things like spray patterns, so he only liked to AWP. The problem is you can’t buy an AWP every round. So what he did was make a new gun to replace the desert eagle. So he literally copy and pasted the EXACT. SAVE. STATS. as an awp onto the gun. And thus, the Pocket AWP was born! But Valve doesn’t like testing shit it makes, so they decided to add it to the game when Vitality told GabeN that you can make money from it.

So valve made a new case for it to get easy skin money. Vitality was ready to rank up from DMG now! Just to be sure he got it, he nerfed all the rifles just in case since he wouldn’t be using those anyways. “Yeah, that’s some great skins. Nice artwork. Good job finishing up the hi-poly model” “Hey, with all this work we’re putting into this, shouldn’t we at least test it ingame?” “Do we even have the game installed here? Who cares, just push it through, what’s the worst that can happen?” Annnnd not even 48hrs after it’s released, the pocket awp was nerfed into the ground, and it because hilariously obvious that valve LITERALLY does not test anything and is only profit driven.

Now let’s move on to some statistics of the weapon: The Pocket Awp, also known as “The R8”, holds 8 rounds like the name implies. It it available on both the CT and T side, and costs $850, so it can’t be bought on the pistol round. Which makes no fucking sense balance-wise because because it’s a 1-shot kill the the head and chest, whether it was pistol round or not. Most of the time if you won the pistol round, you’d lose the next buy round because the other team would just buy R8’s. The damage on it was toned down, so instead of doing over 400 damage in a single shot, it now it now is a 2 shot kill, and has a much longer trigger delay.

Now let’s move on to some gameplay tactics of the weapon: The left-click on it it more accurate than the Operation Update cycle. The right click on it is a pocket shotgun for $850. The rick click can be surprisingly accurate…PIECE OF SHIT PISTOL! WHO THE FUCK USES THAT THING?! For $850 itself, it’s not a bad idea to use rather than a shotgun. It is a strong 2-hit kill and can be spammed quite quickly for a easy kill at close range. So it’s not a bad choice for an eco round, considering the cheapest shotguns are $1200. The R8 isn’t entirely shit now like everyone would think. The gun is hilariously accurate. There are times where it actually is quite handy to have over the deagle. The 100% accurate 2 shot kill can work quite well if you have good aim and positioning and know common prefire spots, so it can outshine the deagle at times when the deagle takes 3 body shots. The problem is that it’s one of those guns you won’t use outside of matchmaking, like the AUG or SG556, because anyone with decent aim can counter it, and because of it’s long trigger pull.

But in matchmaking when people have shitty positioning and wide peek, you can actually get a few cheap kills with it if you know what you’re doing. It is accurate when running, so when trying to push a site on T-side, you can get better kills when moving compared to the deagle, but you should try working picks with it first, running should be a last resort sort of thing.

On CT-side, you can peek out and prefire a quick shot in if you know they are coming from. Just remember that with the slower trigger pull, the T’s can overwhelm the site very quickly if you miss a shot. The deagle on the other hand can have much more rapid follow-up shots. If you aren’t on an Eco and you buy this gun, chances are you also have $16,000 and a negev, so you aren’t going to be using it anyways. But just make sure if you see your teammate using an R8 ingame, kindly ask him to change back to the deagle, because let’s be honest, he’s probably doing absolutely nothing useful, this is matchmaking after all. Nobody even uses this gun. Even the Pros. Pros will buy dualies and crab walk up banana, but literally nobody will use this gun. So that’s all there is to using the Pocket AWP. Tune in next time as I teach you how to use the COD-Gun, and remember: …this gun’s a piece of shit don’t use it.

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