The all new Nerf Super Soaker brings you more fun, action, and excitement than ever before for you and your friends! Introducing the all-new Burst-fire hyper mode! Click on hyper burst mode for 3 streams of back-to-back high pressure for the ultimate spray down. Delivering 66% more water. Allowing you to output more damage than ever before! Up to 8 damage in 1 shot! Or click back to the single fire mode for kinda-alright accuracy… New Nerf Super Soaker! Magazines sold separately, batteries not included. It’s Nerf or nothin’. First, let’s look at some background history of the weapon: The glock was originally developed as a “safe-action” pistol. So instead of adding a safety to the gun, they just made the bullets harmless in the first place so nobody could hurt themselves with it. It’s Polymer-framed design makes it very lightweight, allowing you to throw it away with ease as you pick up a USP. Back in 1980, the tiny country of Austria with their meme that they call a military, needed a sidearm to go along with their best gun they ever made. Since that gun was so easy to use to point and click, all the salty silvers were getting upset with them.

The silvers were threatening to declare war on austria by buying autosnipers So they had to compromise and make the glock as useless as possible to balance out them making the God gun of the Aug. Now let’s move on to some statistics of the weapon: The Glock, also known as the water gun, has a fairly fast movement speed, making it idea for rushing sites. The Glock has a rate of fire of half a magazine before you get 1-tapped. The reload speed is….actually, Nobody really knows what the reload speed is since you either die instantly, or pick up a USP. The damage on the Glock is equivalent to sand in your face when walking on a windy beach. (pocket sand) Next, let’s move on to some gameplay tactics of the weapon: Using the glock is pretty straight forward. Its a USP, but worse in every possible way. The damage is shit, its loud, ugly, and suck. Although, it does have a nice running accuracy to it, so just imagine it’s like a shotgun with it’s accuracy. Just put their heads in the middle of the circle and just keep tapping mouse 1 until you get lucky.

That’s about it. Just don’t stop moving or your head will get cut clean off by a USP. Since the damage on it is fucking useless, you’re going to have to pray to the RNG gods to get a headshot with it, because good luck getting body shots with this thing. It becomes absolutely useless after round 1, you’re literally better off with dualies than this thing. Just whatever you do, don’t lose to glocks. Holy fuck I can already imagine the spam in chat if you die to a full save against glocks. “Fucking Glawks!” Another cool tactic with the weapon is that you can tilt your fellow teammates by surrounding them and making cricket sounds in your spawn. Or you can simply go with the gang-banger approach: Yo fuckin drive by these fools with their bitch ass USP’s Brap Brap Get the fuk outa here with that weak ass peashooter shit ima put a cap in yo ass skrrt So, that’s all there is to using the Water gun! Tune in next time as I teach you how to use the Big Mac-10, and remember:

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