This is CSGO running on my low end intelhd computer and this is how it used be. And while CSGO is a super serious competitive shooter game and therefore most possible tweaks are locked away behind cheats there are some things you can use to squeeze every bit of performance until you finally play this game on your low end computer. This is the LowSpecGamer where we never stop experimenting on what else we can change to just get a couple of frames more and where low resolutions are good resolutions. So, forget about decals and default drivers because we are making this game run. These are the default settings for CSGO on my laptop. As you can see all the graphical settings and effects are on their lowest. There are plenty of resolution options with 720 being the lowest “true” resolution. 1280X600 having black bars on top and bottom of the screen.

There are of course, options for such as 800×600 On 720 the GPU limits the game hard with an average performance of about 29 to 30 FPS. 800X600 does expectly better and somewhere around the vicinity of 40 FPS. All right. So… what can we do to get the best experience out of this game? The first two things I am going to do are the same classic two things you will see in every CSGO video. Go to your game’s launch options and make sure you include the following options: -high: for some minimum CPU performance increases -nod3d9ex: to disable some enhancements used to alt-tab out of the game faster -nojoy: disabling joypad support for a tiny bit more available ram. -threads: with the number of threads in your CPU -novid: if you want to skip the valve intro video.

+mat_queue_mode 2: which changes the mode on which the material system runs and can provide a boost in performance on many systems. +exec autoexec.cfg: which will allow you to load an external configuration file with all sorts of extra console commands. CSGO is supposed to load the autoexec automatically but in many cases, including mine, it seems like the game would not load the file unless you add this. And finally you can specify a resolution using w for width and h height. Do be aware that certain custom resolutions will not load correctly in fullscreen. You can use -windowed as a launch command to force the game into windowed if you so desire.

As for the autoexec configuration file you need to go to your counter strike folder, usually located on Program Files, Steam, Steamapps, Common Counter Strike Global Offensive, csgo, cfg and create a file called autoexec.cfg if it does not exist already. The current file I am using has been provided by Combo Wombo, who also helped in providing some of the other tweaks you will see on this guide. I have, however, added some commands in the bottom that are commonly present in all fps boosting cfgs I have read. And I have also added this little thing.

You can not disable decals completely in csgo but you can bind reseting all decals to a key so you hit that key during a game and you can remove those decals for a bit of extra performance Some other users have also recommended this one, which will also be linked in the description for you to try. It is also a really good idea to use the echo command to show some easy to recognize text to the console at the start of the file. That way when you start the game you can assign a button to the console and open it to make sure your file has been read.

If it is not working you can manually execute it by typing exec autoexec. There are plenty of FPS boosting configs out there, so be sure to let me know your favorite ones in comments so I can check them out. Right, that’s that. Now, we are going to do something interesting with drivers. We are going to be using PHDGD. These are alternate drivers for intelhd GPUs that are made to squeeze every bit of performance possible in some games. So I turned up the game to 720p to make sure the GPU was limiting performance and ran the benchmark several times on both official and PHDGD drivers and… there is an actual important performance difference. If you are interested in installing the drivers and giving it a try check out the integrated graphics survival guide where I go into detail on this and some other methods for getting the best performance out of intelhd GPUs. If you are playing at a lower resolution and being limited by CPU it might also make sense to go into your program manager and manually change the priority of the csgo process to high.

I know this is the kind of performance tip that gets thrown around on many games (and that it usually does not work) but I after limiting the resolution to 800×600 and running the benchmark many many many times on several priorities there is small but definite difference on performance when running the game on high priority. Hey, I did say for this game we were going to squeeze everything we can out of unconventional methods. Let’s see how it does: So, what happens when a non-Counter Strike player tries his luck at this game? Let’s see. Fuck! Woah, that was quick. Right, this time I’m going to stay with the group. My logic is that if we are all crappy, in a group we’re going to be at least passable? I guess? Oh! We got one! We got one. Haha! Yes! Yeah! Whoo! I’m actually doing something! I’m always amazed by the never ending popularity of this game. How long has this version of Counter Strike has been out and still it’s one of the things the people requests the most and one of the things that people play the most.

The popularity of this game is wow! Oh, ok! Well that was… not good. Oh I almost got him. Oh he ran away- nope! He’s there! C’mon. C’mon, the hunt is on! C’mon, c’mon, du- Oh that was a- never mind. Feel free to leave in comments all the things that I’m evidently doing wrong and that I should obviously do to increase my abilities to play this game. If experience is anything to go by, you don’t need my permission to do it. Oh, wow! Oh wow. Wow, what a mess. Hmm, at the very least my performance seems to be doing nice, right? Oh! C’mon. Yeah, I guess there was just some body shots. Oh, hey at least the performance is doing pretty nice for the amount of action that is going on. Ooh, smoke. So this is an extra oportunity to test because smoke usually slows down my computer but check it out! It’s actually doing pretty well especially compared to how it was going during the benchmark.

Fantastic- Ah! Fuck. Ok, we are in trouble, fellas. Oh! Did I actually got one? Yeah I definitely did! Wow! Oh! Ok, that’s definitely not a direction I want to go. How did I not kill that guy? Jesus Christ, how is that even possible? Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. Five year veteran coin. Why am I playing with these guys? This is not good guys. This is- damn it. How am I not dead? Ah! I- agh. What? Who- who? Who killed me? How? Why? When? IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? What the hell, what a mess. Performance it’s fine for all the mess that’s been going on. *Sighs* I was so close. I could have just throw him a flash bang. It wasn’t even the guy I was chasing, it was just some other dude.

Agh, c’mon! Dude, c’mon! I just… I just started. There are commands that can be used to graphically downgrade this game quite dramatically but they require cheats, so they would be usable on LAN or in servers that allow it… If such a thing exists. In any case, that’s a topic for another video. Oh, and if you want to see the full version of this gameplay make sure to check my gameplay channel… Thank you to all the Patreon contributors for helping me out on my quest to keep this channel going! Remember that your help is very important! With your help in Patreon or simply by liking or commenting I can do my best to keep making videos.

And finally: LowSpecGamer Giveaway This was the question asked on the last video and the winners are: JayJay, and you should get yourself that darn Nerf gun some day, Cesar Alberto Rebaza Canales, mMgrev, KazeFlat, m515. Congratulations. This time I bring what is sure to be an interesting question: “What would be the most hilarious game is played competitively?” This time we are going to do something a bit different. I am going to pick 5 winners at random from all the comments, tweets, facebook comments, and steam group answers of the question and give out These games in order of how the winners are picked. The grand prize is a key for CSGO so you can try this out. Thank you to all the game donors. See you on the next video..

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