Are you trying to play CSGO while using a a very old or low end AMD GPU that is not quite cutting it? Or do you just want to see CSGO in a low end computer like you have not seen it before? Well you have come to the right place because this is the LowSpecGamer, the show where we explore ways of eliminating all the detail and reducing resolution on modern games to make them work on on low end computers, because what matters is playing. And on this episode I am going to mention a couple of tweaks that will help you get the best performance possible while playing Counter Strike on a low end AMD GPU. So, you’d be surprised how often I receive some really crazy sponsorship proposals related to CS:GO. However, this one was really interesting. So, there’s this website called “”, they basically take skins from knives in the game and make them into actual physical products and they have agreed to sponsor this video! Which is fantastic, ‘cause you may have noticed, YouTube is kinda going crazy lately.

Not only that, they have agreed to send me a couple of samples so I could try them on the channel. I haven’t opened this, this would be the first time I opened this. Let’s take a look at this, shall we? I believe this is a “Ruby Sapphire Karambit Doppler”? This looks… This… Ooh! I believe this is a “Karambit… Lore”? “Karambit… Karambit Lore”, Really like this one. This one looks green. Oohh. Turns out this is “Coat and Gamma Doppler Karambit”. In game, some of these are worth like thousands of dollars, but if you don’t have the money for that, you can buy an actual physical item of that skin for like, these are like $30 each.

Because, you know, the world stopped making sense a long time ago. But! You can get a ten percent discount with the code “LOWSPEC” at the checkout. So, check out their website in the link in the description if you’re interested. Once again, thanks to them for sponsoring this video and they also do “give away’s” for knives at so be sure to check that as well. And now, let’s continue! Counter Strike Global Offensive was originally released back in the 2012 and it’s known for having rather modest, and surprisingly unspecific, system requirements. While looking for low end AMD cards to buy with your donations I decided to do an experiment and order my local amazon’s selection of AMD GPU by price and then buy the cheapest card available. The result was this, the Radeon R5 230, an entry level GPU that seems to be designed as an easy and noiseless way of adding HDMI support to an old PC. No kidding, this 100% passively cooled.

I tested CSGO on all the lowest settings and high resolutions to truly hit a hard GPU bottleneck and give an idea of what I am working with. With this configuration I saw an average of 22 for 1080 and 46 for 720. Ok, first. When it comes to external resolution you can add a custom resolution like 960×540 or 768×432 and it will show in the game’s menu and be usable in fullscreen. To add a custom resolution in an AMD card you can go to your Radeon Settings and there should a custom resolution option in your display section, which I can not reach because no matter what I do or how many times I reinstall the drivers it crashes every single time I try to enter this section.

Oh… AMD. So, the alternative is to use the Radeon Custom Resolution Manager software, linked in the description. This software will allow you to add custom resolutions on one these aspect ratios. After you have selected the correct GPU you only need to add the width and the height will be calculated for you. Great! And finally something a bit more interesting thing… LOD bias. AMD cards allow you to change the level of details of textures loaded on a global scale. Allowing you to force games to use the lowest textures possible. Doing this is a bit complicated, and you are going to need to change the system registry by using regedit. This should be obvious to most of you at this point but changing stuff in the system registry is delicate business, be sure to understand my instructions carefully and do not change anything else unless you know what you are doing. First, go to your Local Machine folder, then go to System and the current control set, control, and then video and this is the part when it gets tricky.

There are a number of folders here with unique IDs. Most of these folders have a 0000 folder inside but one of those IDs, the 0000 folder will be expandable, meaning that there will be stuff inside… including this UMD folder that you must click to see the values inside. In here you need to add a string value called LodAdj, if this value does not exist already.

Now you can set this value to number between -5 and 5. 0 is the normal default level of detail, rising this value lowers the level of detail of the textures progressively, so 3 will look like this and 5, the maximum value looks like this. Now, before showing you how this all does on this GPU I must mention a couple of things. On my IntelHD guide and Nvidia guide I also touch on some other tricks you should consider if you are playing this game on a low end computer, such as using some commands in an autoexec file or using Hialgo Boost software, both things will perfectly work on AMD as well and will probably push your performance even further. C’mon, ok, that’s why you don’t stand still! Good start. However, performance, which is what I care about… ok that was quick, performance, which is what I care about the most at this point is actually doing pretty nice.

This seems to be a very well picked resolution and texture detail for this really inferior graphical card. Wait, I’m the only guy left alive? Oh, oh, oh dear, no… Agh. That’s a pretty good summary of my CS:GO experience. Well, I’m gonna need a break after that. Well, that was stupid. I don’t even know how I got hit? I don’t even know how that happened, I’m not totally sure. That was- oh ****! Yeah, I should stop reloading so frequently, that’s- my bad. Ok, how the heck was I supposed to react that fast enough there? They make no sense. My teammates are dying left and right, this is not good, this is not going good for any of us. Oh please, I don’t want to be the last survivor again. C’mon, c’mon. Blocking my view. Oh good, we are the last three of us left alive? Yep, only two now.

That is all for this video, there are still elements related to AMD that I am familiarizing myself with so I would not be surprised if there are more things I can do so, if you enjoy the content be sure to be subscribe, because I am always making more. Thank you at all the people in Patreon who are donating so I can keep buying crappy hardware. And thank you to CSGOIRL for sponsoring this video, and remember to use the LOWSPEC code for your 10% discount. See you in the next video..

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