Hello, my friends! You are watching the new episode of tips and tricks from Chayka. Today I will continue showing you how to suprise your opponent when playing as CT on Mirage. The current state of the map hasn’t changed for almost 5 years, and the majority of players learned how to play their default, without trying to come up with new stuff. So the CT side can’t be considered the stronger side now, as the Terrorists are prepared for anything, and they know how to play against default setups. If you want to win the CT side constantly, watch this video until the end. I’ll start off with a smoke that’s useful at the beginning of the round, especially during pistol and anti-force, because a T with a good spawn can run out of Pit in time if you throw a smoke from the wall, or from behind the danger box. You’re also saving your teammate near Connector, because the sniper can make an easy opening frag, while you are busy smoking off Pit.

During the retake, it’s useful because while the smoke is flying, you take the position on Delpan, and control the opponent’s rush through the smoke. Next is the supporting smoke for the Underpass rush. Position yourself at the wall and aim for the sign, walk left, and release the smoke once the crosshair passes the corner. This way we isolate the passage, and your playmaker gains control of a large part of the map. With this safe flashbang, he can push up into Apartments and wait for you there. The next smoke is useful if the opponent is abusing a popular method of the B attack – rush B.

It’s also great for later timings, because you can throw it from behind the cover. Also, you are always confident in the trajectory of the grenade, random gaps are not the case here. Next smoke is for a teammate pushing Apartments, or just to delay opponents’ grenades. It provides early map control and nothing more. You can also throw it from another position, it’s up to you. It would seem there’s nothing out of the ordinary about the white van, but no one really uses its angular rear end and invisible pixel, which allows you to throw an anti rush smoke and a pop flash or quickly get into Apartments.

As an option, this can also be used as an off angle to pick off T’s as they wouldn’t expect you here. The Apartments wallbang is pretty common, and it can also be done from Kitchen. Most of you should also know about the underpass wallbang spot at the bottom of the door; the main thing here is to shoot accurately, so as not to waste time trying to spam through impenetrable textures. However, there’s a wallbang from B apartments to Short that not many people know of. Having an AWP in your hands and hearing someone towards Short, you can try your luck and hit the enemy who’s watching Catwalk, for example. When playing Connector with the sniper rifle, you might try to get a wallbang on the enemy in Apartments. This, of course, requires having information from your ally at Short. Otherwise, you’d just give up mid control, which never ends well. When you’re trapped underneath the balcony, you can catch the enemy player who’s expecting you up the ladder.

This is a default angle and the chance of getting a kill is extremely high. It’s quite hard to throw a molotov into B aparments from behind the site. By bouncing it off the wall like this, you’ll dish out the maximum amount of damage to the coming T’s or split the attack up into two parts. Thus you’ll only have to deal with those who jumped down into the site, without getting sidetracked by B Aps. The next molotov is useful for delaying the bomb plant at A. Since it takes 7 seconds to get there from Connector, which is enough time for the T to put the bomb down and switch their focus to you. To prevent it, you have to throw this molotov, which will buy you some time. These are two ways of throwing it: with and without the smoke in Connector. As a bonus, I’ll show a smoke trick in Underpass. With this smoke over the puddle, you’ll be able to see the enemy’s shadow before push into the smoke or hide in there to get a free kill. And you don’t have to worry about getting shot through the smoke or pop flashes as long as you’re silently strafing at this small corner.

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