With the addition of CS:GO skins in 2013, skin prices have fluctuated quite a bit. The majority of skins added in cases drop drastically in price after their release, and they only become cheaper. Fortunately, there are a few skins that have done just the opposite of that. Today we’re going to be picking the top 10 skins that became expensive. My name is Taco and welcome to ValveGuides. 10 – AWP | Graphite At number 10, we have the AWP Graphite. The graphite is a simple graphity color. If you look at this graph, hah see what I did there, you’ll notice that at one point it was possible to buy one of these for under four dollars. Now, at around thirty dollars, not grabbing a bunch of these seems like a big mistake. Oh well.. Hindsight is 20/20. Coming in at number 9, we have the awp lightning strike. If you haven’t used this skin along with the new thunder like awp sounds, or even the zeus firing glitch, you’re missing out. The lightning strike is a purple body with, you guessed it, lightning bolts along the side. In my personal opinion, it looks kind of like a low quality jpeg slapped on a gun model, but plenty of people like it.

These used to cost just under seven dollars at one point. Now they’ll set you back a whopping fifty bucks for a factory new version. At number 8 we have the iconic M4A1-S Knight. This is found alongside the AWP dragon lore in the cobblestone package. Seeing as it’s a pink in a souvenir package, you should have no trouble seeing why it’s so expensive now.

At one point you could pick these up for thirty bucks. Now they cost just under three hundred dollars. If you ask me, that’s a pretty drastic price increase. 7 – Glock-18 | Fade For number seven, we have the glock-18 fade. The fade is one of many fade skins. You can pick from the glock fade, mac-10 fade, and a selection of fade knives. Depending on condition and fade percentage, these cost around two hundred and fifty dollars. If you bought one of these in late 2013 it would only cost you as much as the 10 in mac-10. That’s right.. Ten bucks for something that would increase in price by 2,500%.

At number six we have the P250 facet. These have a pretty simple design just like the awp graphite. It was possible to buy a factory new version of this for a little over a dollar, but now they go for ten dollars. This skin shows wear pretty visibly, even if it isn’t much. This probably explains why the factory new version of a bland looking p250 is so expensive. Coming in at number 5 is the glock-18 dragon tattoo. This is a pretty old one, having been released in the original CS:GO weapons case. This case only had 9 skins surprisingly, but the glock dragon tattoo was set as a purple in it.

Shortly after its release you could pick one up for around seventy cents, but now they’ll set you back about six dollars. Because they’re so old a lot of them have old Katowice 2014 stickers. They’ll be more expensive with those, but if you’re interested, it’s a great skin to add to your katowice 2014 collection. At number four is the AWP Boom. The boom is covered in some awesome cartoon style onomatopoeia.

It’s actually one of my favorite awp skins, if it’s in minimal wear that is. In factory new you’ll have to pay the price of an arm and a leg at nearly eighty dollars. If you bought one of these three years ago you’d only need to pay about twenty. At number three is the ak47 fire serpent. This is a classic ak skin found in the bravo case. The rising price of the bravo case is definitely a contributing factor in the insane price of the fire serpent. Looking at a minimal wear non-statTrak version of these, we can see that they used to cost around thirty dollars. Now you’ll need to pay over two hundred, just for a minimal wear version. Coming in at number two is the AWP Dragon lore. This is probably the most famous awp skin in existence. While you can’t actually see a graph of the market history for one of these bad boys, you can still see the buy sell history using a cool trick showed by mcskillet.

You can see that a factory new dragon lore used to sell for around four hundred dollars. Seeing you can find these going for over a thousand dollars in some cases, that’s a pretty massive increase. Before we jump into number one, we’d like to give a huge thanks to our sponsor CSGORoll. On csgoroll.com you can play fun games like crash, dice, and roulette. You can win some awesome skins! If you want to get started, use code “guides” or the link in the description to get 50cents for free! Last but certainly not least is the M4A4 howl.

Everyone surely knows the story of how the howl went contraband due to stolen art, and the prices shot up, but not many people know that before that giant fiasco M4A4 howls were selling for around sixty dollars. Now, a howl can cost you between a few hundred to over a thousand. If selling this before the price increase isn’t one of the worst things you could have done, I’m not sure what is. Well guys, that wraps up this video. If you’ve sold one of these skins before the price jumped, let us know in the comments! If you enjoyed this video, hit the like button down below! Subscribe if you want to see more videos from us! Again, thanks for watching and stay amazing. <3.

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