Hey guys, Maxim here. In my previous video I said that it does feel more responsive to use Julhins tweaks but it could just be a placebo. So I wanna apologize for perhaps making it sound like it actually worked, as 3kliksphilip says otherwise. Philip is a very successful YouTuber with great content that I think everyone should follow if they want to learn more about the game and it’s mechanics. He’s also a very genuine and likable guy that I got the chance to meet at last year’s ESL Cologne.

In his recent video he talked about the Tweak, checked the values to see what they meant and decided to finally test it with his 180 fps camera, and according to his test it doesn’t work, it actually just makes it a bit slower. I’m going to link his video in the video description so you can see it for yourself, it’s pretty funny. Now it’s important for me to release an update video like this not only to explain what happened and what the response was, but also to tell you that I will remove the main video. If something doesn’t work or gets proven wrong then I would feel bad knowing that it can still grow and get lots of views. For me this is really important. I don’t want videos up on my channel with tweaks that don’t work. Oh and if one of you guys are at least 99% sure that most of the information in one of my videos are incorrect or false, I would love it if you could reach out to me in private so I get a chance to correct the issue.

Also, I wanted to address some of the values myself in the video like for example, KeyboardSpeed, because the Windows documentation says the range is 0-31 but the value here is set to 100. I decided not to include this is my video because the information here was meant for Windows 2000, and was posted almost 10 years ago. So I relied more on Juhlin’s experience, since he’s been working on tweaks like this since 2016, and he found out that people were using the value in autohotkey software to create CS:GO macros.

Finally I wanna say, please do not attack Juhlin for any of this. He’s a good person and only wants the best for the community. Also, now that people are aware of this, maybe one of you guys will actually find a new and working tweak for CS:GO, in the end I guess it wasn’t all to bad. So that was the video. Once again, I apologize for making it sound like it would actually work but was easy to prove otherwise. I guess the watermelon got the best of me, I’ll see you guys in the next one, and go bananas!

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