Hello there, and welcome! To a Dark Souls 3 boss tutorial Todays boss, is Pontiff Sulyvhan Now its worth noting, before we start this That you can summon up to 3 different NPC’s outside of here to help you in this fight In retrospect… this may be a metric by which we can measure the difficulty of Pontiff Sulyvhan because in fact, he might be one of the hardest bosses you’ll have fought in this game or any other for that matter! But lets see how to beat em Now, Pontiff Sulyvhan has 2 swords One is enchanted with fire, and the other is enchanted with magic So this means, if you’re big on blockin everything like I am You’re gonna get your health chipped away But choosing a shield that can block both pretty well, is gonna suit you just fine The first half of the fight is gonna be pretty simple He’s gonna do some combos, attackin you, and you can either dodge out the way if thats your thing or block him like I am doin here.

*Note you will get chipped down* But one or two flasks will heal ya up through out all of this The key with this boss, as it is with many, is to just be patient If you are unsure about his combos, just get one or two little hits in, dont over commit to it or you can be killed Where things start to get real interesting is When hes at 50% of his health Now hes gonna set down on the ground and do all kindsa purple smoke stuff as hes doin now And ya might think, that this is a good time to get some attacks in like I did But…

He’ll explode on you, so you might wanna run away in the second phase, hes gonna have some stylish new wings on his back as well as have some new moves and most importantly, hes gonna summon a shadow version of himself. And your gon’ wanna be short of that shadow version just as quick as ya can or you’re gon’ have trouble out of it! Now for the purposes of the video, left him up the first time, just to show you what a pain he can be for ya Now hes got the unenviable task, of mimicking every attack the boss does Which for all intents and purposes means, double the danger! The new attacks you’re gonna have to deal with in phase two are: that hes gonna jump up in the air…look at you for a minute…

Then fly over and swing his sword and try and hit you! As well, as shooting out a “Magic MIssle” type arc attack, which he telegraphs by puttin his sword back behing him like this but the most dangerous new attack that he has is one where he flys up so high, that hes no longer in view of your camera this is a good time to run like hell, in one direction or another so that you’re well out of range, when he “Rains justice from above” So long as you have patience, and you can get rid of the clone before he makes too much trouble for you, you’re gonna kill Pontiff Sulyvhan easy enough. When you do, you will have defeated the so called “Heir of Fire”! As well as you will get 30,800 souls and “the soul of Pontiff Sulyvhan”.

And then you can continue on with your adventure Thanks for watchin todays Dark Souls 3 boss tutorial I understand, that at this point, its incredibly out of date, but I enjoy makin these videos. And when I do, the small amount of people that watch em seem to lik em. .

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