How is it going everybody? this is alex, i have something special for you. i was training with the painting guardian sword the other day. trying to make it work but i was feeling a little bit outclassed. so i discovered a new way to fluidly use lightweight curved swords. there is a way to use the special flip attack that replaces the kick. not all of the curved swords have this flip attack though. you do this by pressing forward and R1 at the same time. the timing is really tight but there is a trick to it. if you use it in a queue it comes out very easily. use it while being in another animation to queue up the flip and it will work everytime.

This attack is very fast and if used correctly you can also follow enemy movement and rolls with it. its basically a free attack while rolling. you will see what i mean in a second. next up we need carthus bloodring. this ring is essential to roll through enemy attacks. the text of the ring hints towards curved sword knights of carthus legion. so with the ring and a scimitar, you can start rolling behind people and freely attack while rolling.

i have a clip where i try this out. our follow red duelist uses a heavy sword and switches to a very fast one. the flip attack works against either of those with a little practise. if you like this video, watch my carthus roll compilation or leave a comment below. have a good day! .

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