When I first finished Dark Souls 3, I barely found any NPC’s and I think that’s going to be a really common thing for most people. It’s easy, in this game, to miss a part of their questline, and then leave them behind. So this video is going to help you at least start their questlines, so you have a higher chance of running into them later. First up is Ringfinder Leonhard. You find him early on in the game, standing by Lothric’s throne. Talk to him, and he’ll give you five cracked Red Eye Orbs which you can use to invade other players, to get a Pale Tongue reward.

You need this Pale Tongue to continue his questline. An easy way to get a Pale Tongue is to shoot this hanging corpse after the Siegward encounter in the Undead Settlement (ah) which we’ll get to in a little bit. So once you have the Tongue, talk to Leonhard back at the throne and he’ll give you a key to the Darkwraiths’ cell below the second bonfire on the High Wall of Lothric. Kill the Darkwraith for the Red Eye Orb, so you can invade an infinite amount of times and then you’ll find Leonhard back at Firelink, where he commends you. Then, when you reach the Cathedral of The Deep, you’ll have the option to join Rosaria’s Covenant.

Join, and then offer a Pale Tongue, and you’ll see Leonhard behind you. Talk to him and then check back at Rosaria later in the game to continue his questline. Be warned though, Joining Rosaria’s Covenant makes an NPC named Sirris hostile for the rest of your playthrough. Sirris is of the Darkmoon line, which is in opposition to Rosaria’s Covenant and her questline, if you do it, leads to her armor, her shield, her talisman and a few other items. If you don’t talk to Rosaria, though Sirris’s summon sign will appear throughout your late game and you can enter her world and assist her in certain places. Also, back in Firelink Shrine, is Ludleth of Courland who you’ve might have missed, because he’s so tiny 🙂 but once you’ve killed the Rotten Greatwood you can give him the Transposing Kiln in order to make boss weapons out of boss souls. Another questline to initiate is Greirat’s. Warp to the second bonfire upon Lothric’s High Wall and then head directly down as soon as you encounter the black mass. Find his cell key in the cellar area at the botton of these stairs and then unlock his cell at the area below the second bonfire.

He appears back in your shrine after this and asks you to bring him Loretta’s bone which is found on the balcony of the first building in the Undead Settlement. After this, you keep talking to him back here in the shrine and he will eventually offer to go pillaging. He will return once you kill a boss and he’ll come back with some new loot. As you continue through the game, he’ll offer to go pillaging again in the future, but… it is increasingly difficult to keep him alive later on so, we’ll get to his questline in episode two.

Also, in the Undead Settlment is Yoel, at the end of the first bridge. He comes back to your shrine and teaches you sorceries there, but that’s not the main thing he does. He also gives you free levels at the cost of hollowing. Now, I explained the hollowing mechanic in my gameplay secrets video but basically, if you want to progress his questline – choose to “Draw out your true strength” and then throw yourself to your death in Firelink Shrine over and over coming back to Yoel often, to just level up every few times you die. After five levels, Yuria appears, whose story eventually intertwines with Anri and Horaces’. Anri is found after the Road of Sacrifices. His or her, depending on your gender, their questline continues after you kill the Deacons of The Deep. So make sure you talk to her after the Road of Sacrifices and then back in your shrine after the Deacons of The Deep.

Now, Anri’s questline gets god damned tricky: there are many branching paths, there are many ways to fail and there are multiple ways to complete it and because of these reasons and others, it’s actually my favourite questline. So. we’re going to talk about it in the Lore-through-series if you’re interested. We’re gonna examine it from every angle and go through every bit of the story line because it is fantastic Another fantastic story is Siegward’s, which you initiate at the elevator in the Undead Settlement and this is a questline you’ll want to start and complete for sure To start it, send the elevator down alone, ride it back up again befriend the giant atop the tower and then jump off the elevator halfway down when you hear… “Hmm”. Kill the Fire Demon with Siegward and have a toast with your new best friend 🙂 Now, the tough part of Siegward’s questline is something I think a ton of you guys would have missed and if you found it – great job! It’s really out of the way. So, outside of the Cleansing Chapel bonfire near the Cathedral of The Deep is Siegward stuck down a well 🙁 I think he spawns here after the Abyss Watchers, but you might just want to check back here regularely.

Siegwards is down there and he’s lost his armour Someone stole it – guess who… I had a huge amount of trouble, getting Patches to spawn here but I finally figured it out. I made sure that I opened the huge door in the swampy area and then the huge door right before this bridge then I reloaded the game, taking note of the fact that the bridge was still down. When I reloaded, Patches had entered and raised the bridge for me. The thing is, this part of the quest is entirely optional so as soon as you find Siegward down the well go back to Firelink, buy the Tower Key from the handmaiden and then head up the elevator behind the shrine. You’ll hear and see the door below close behind you and when you get back down, you’ll see a familiar face on the other side. To get back to him, jump down off the side here. Or, you can warp back to Firelink and then confront Patches on the upper right path.

You can buy Siegward’s armor from him or kill him for it. Bring this armor to Siegward in the well, drop it down for him and both questlines, Patches and Siegward, continue from here. Look out for Siegward when you get into a kitchen in Irithyll. The next four questlines relate to the class you’re playing as so if you’re playing as a Pyromancer, a Cleric or a Sorcerer. If you want pyromancy, find Cornyx in his cage in the Undead Settlement. Turn right at the burning tree, go through the building after the bridge and then look for this drop-down near the fire bomb throwing enemies. Hit the bonfire, head up and free Cornyx from his cage.

Cornyx appears here in your shrine, and he’ll give you a Pyromancy Hand and give you pyromancy spells if you give him the tomes. If you want access to miracles and dark magic, then you have to free Irina. Get the Mortician’s Ashes from the arrow graveyard past the Delapidated Bridge bonfire bring it to the Handmaiden, buy the Grave Key, unlock the door in the sewers and free Irina in her cell. She’ll appear here in your shrine and will teach you miracles if you bring her the Braille Tomes for it. And if you want to learn sorcery, we mentioned that Yoel sells sorceries, but really…

The best spells are sold by Orbeck in the Crucifiction Woods. You get to Orbeck by entering this ruined keep, and then turning left at this bridge with the spear hollow. If you’re not >stupid and you have ten intellect, then Orbeck will agree to come back to your shrine and teach you in return for scrolls and be aware – you need to actually bring him scrolls or he might disappear from your shrine, I’ve heard. And if you want to learn dark miracles or dark pyromancies, then you have to rescue an NPC named Karla. Karla can be rescued in a cell in Irithyll Dungeon once you find the Jailor’s Cell Key.

Her cell is located in the rectangular room with the swarm of jailors and the key itself is located far further below, in the Profaned Capital. Go past the toxic swamp, go up the rooftop and through this doorway. She teaches dark miracles back at Firelink, below Andre, and she can also accept two dark pyromancy tomes. Hawkwood will eventually disappear from Firelink, you might have noticed and he’s found his purpose. You’ll encounter him again once you make your way through the hidden Dragon Shrine which you find by performing the Way of Dragon-emote at the cliff face in Irithyll Dungeon.

You get the emote after Oceiros. After you clear this area, talk to Andre and he’ll give you a note that Hawkwood left for you to progress the questline. The Firekeeper has no real quest per se, but she does have a few items that she reacts to which extend her dialogue options and her significance as an NPC. First is the Firekeeper Soul, atop Firelink Shrine that you reach with the Tower Key and the second is very much in the late game.

These are the Eyes of a Firekeeper and they’re found behind an illusory wall in the Darkened Firelink Shrine. So later on, I’ll make a video on how to finish all of these questlines in multiple different ways because there’s so many branching paths and ways to fail them, as I mentioned. But (uh) do your playthrough with just these tips in mind and see how many you can complete naturally first. I think that’s a fun way to do it. (ah) come back to the channel to figure out how to do them every way. You can also check out these two videos where we go over some of the more obscure secrets of the early game.

There’s some neat stuff in there. And I wanna shout out another video I helped do the gameplay for It’s by a Youtube channel named Wisecrack and they do a ton of really interesting (uh) philosophical takes on media and they have a… very unique take on the Dark Souls franchise, if you’re interested. They’re always well produced videos even if you don’t agree with what they say so thanks for watching guys. I’ll see you in the next one and next week we are going really hard at the lore.

So look forward to that. Bye bye. .

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