Dark Souls 3 Abyss Watchers Boss Guide. Hey what up guys. CHU_Neco here. Today back with another Dark Souls 3 Boss Guide. We take care of the Abyss Watchers. Let’s go for it. The Abyss Watchers are located beyond Farron Keep. You can only access it after lighting the three torches by the door. The Abyss Watchers are the heads of the Undead Legion. They are enemies of the Abyss, and will destroy kingdoms if they even show the slightest sign of exposure. Funny thing is that two Darkwraiths can be seen fighting their way to the boss room. It is implied that they have come to defeat the Watchers as well. Ok enough with the lore, lets jump into the fight. During phase one, there will be one primary Watcher who is the boss, while others spawn occasionally but don’t count towards the bosses health. Try to focus on just the boss, as there is no use in dragging the fight on too long.

You gonna face some straight forward regular sword attacks followed by dash attacks. Your main goal is to get a few hits in while dodging and waiting for the boss’ openings after each attack/combo. Sometimes the Watchers will fight each other, just like in their opening cinematic. When this happens, make sure to capitalize by getting some free hits on the boss. I recommend to NOT use the lock on function in phase one. After you killed the Abyss Watchers, another cutscene will pop in indicating that shit is gettin real now. In the second phase the boss will ignite its sword on fire. Its attacks are far more powerful, more violent and have extra range. Play safe and wait for the end of his combos, most of his attacks are easily avoided if you aren’t standing right next to him.

Distance is viable. No corpses will rise from the floor during this phase. He�s most vulnerable after the dash that leaves a flaming line behind him, and the three-hit combo that ends with a somersault A good way to get him is by running around, waiting for him to start the combo. When he does, slow down a bit. Dodge the somersault, land two light hits, then run away. The strategy that i prefer tho is to simply use the bow. I think its the easiest way to kill the Abyss Watcher. So as soon as phase two starts try to place yourself in the middle of the room. Avoid to get cornerd by the Abyss Watcher. Use the Lock on function and strafe around him to the left. Like that. Stay focused and roll to the left on each attack. Now wait till The Abyss Watcher ends one of his three-hit combos and shoot your arrow.

If you have some fire resistance armor in your inventory: use it. The Fire Keeper set for example. If you use a magic build in this fight its the same strategy like with bow. Keep in mind to always dodge and strafe to the left not thr right. The Abyss Watchers got trashed Thanx alot for watching guys and please use the comment section below and tell us any other good strategy for these turds. As always. Like if you like. Dislike if you dont like this shit and feel free to subscribe to pur channel for more awesome Dark Souls 3 and gaming stuff! See you next time! .

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