Hey what up guys CHU_Neco here! Today back with some Dark Souls 3. We show you how you kill the Deacons of the Deep. Let’s go for it. You know guys. Dark Souls 3 is one of those game which freakin flood you with new equipment. You find tons, and i am talking about tons of items of which the most of it is pretty useless. Like this piece of shit. and this piece of shit. and this piece of shit. and this fucking piece of shit. Well the actual core point that i’m trying to make, though, is that you think all of this stuff is useless until you suddenly find yourself infront of a boss which penetrates you with a certain kind of attack.

And just before go ape shit and throw your controller into your TV you start thinking of all this crappy shitty fuckin gear you got in your inventory. You look at the stats and start to realize… wow… its probably not that useless. And thats exactly what happend to me when i first fought this cluster fuck of undead priests called Deacons of the Deep. For this fight we use one of those “useless” gear sets. I’m talking about the Maiden set. you find it in the Cathedral of the Deep. You know the great hall with the chained giant. The first half of the fight is easy. you want to attack the redish glowing priest. as soon as you kill him, the redish orb will sky rocketin and choose another priest.

Keep in mind. Damaging the enemy hosting it isn’t enough, you must kill it with the red orb still inside to deal damage. You can also use Alluring skulls to distract the deacons and reveal the main target. And you dont need to worry about gettin too much damage here. All of these zombie chaplains are extremly slow. just dodge the fire balls and try to avoid the fat boys. As soon as you get the Deacons of the Deep down to like 60% of their health, the pope will spawn. Thats when shit is getting intense. In phase two there will be one enemy that possesses the red aura for the duration of the fight. He will be closely guarded by other undead who will try to put a protective barrier between you and them. Try and maneuver around them if you can, or if you feel confident try and AoE them down with a wide swinging weapon.

Rolling into enemies is a good way to get out of trouble, as it will make them stumble backwards which should give you some breathing room. At some point the undead priests will pool their magic together with the main hollow to fire a black mass at you that goes through objects. Keep these four casters alive until they start pooling their magic separately making a curse debuff fog. Thank god we got this useless maiden set on us huh? You can now interrupt their spell by killing one of the casters. But with the maiden set you should have plenty of time to finish off the Deacons of the Deep without killing the casters. Well that’s it for today guys. Thanx alot for watching. As always. Like if you like, dislike if you dont like this shit and feel free to subscribe to our channel for more awesome Dark Souls 3 and gaming stuff. See you next time .

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