Hey project goof here and today I’m gonna try and show you how to roll BS a straight sword but first we got to start off like little fish so we’re gonna start on PvE then on to the ultra great swords and from here we make our way to the great swords and then from here we make our way to the straight swords memezaki once said backstabs are not crap stabs let’s get into it positioning and timing is key and the perfect spot to start is PvE now you got to get used to opponent’s weapon so you might get smacked in the face a bit but if done right and timed right you can get the BS and take no damage and it feels extremely sexy now let’s look a bit more into it pay attention to my feet I adjust where I’m gonna roll and then as I’m rolling I’m pulling back on the left stick which will position me in a turnaround animation allowing me to grab the booty pay attention to the lock on halfway during the roll i unlock this gives me the ability to spin around a lot faster and grab the back I need to unlock because if I don’t unlock I can’t turn around like that so unlocking is key when going for a Roll BS PvE is great for learning back stabs just like weapons swaps Parries you can get all the essentials done here and then you can move on to the advanced stuff online so get out there and get practicing and if you internet goes out then you got something to do let’s move on to ultra grade swords the PvP so with the horizontal regardless of latency you can sight role BS this on the first swing you just got to get the timing and the experience and use the knowledge I gave you from the PvE it’s all transferable but let’s look at it a lot closer and slow it down even though you can’t see my radical I am locked on you can just tell by my movement so after I roll I unlock and move the camera as you seen the camera tilted down you actually don’t need indicators to tell if someone’slocked on or unlocked from you it’s all about movement and how they react to your axis again as I unlocked I’m also constantly holding back on the stick because after you roll you’re not going to move during the roll so you can hold back on the stick and queue up that turnaround for the BS this goes for all roll BS’s, this is the key this allows you to get the bs even if you get the trade because you turn around fast enough to queue up the animation for the BS also you’re gonna accidentally do some rolling attacks don’t worry about that alright so what you want to do is you want to roll unlock at the same time pull back on the stick and then as you’re standing up and you’re facing your opponent you press r1 speed and distance is all down to experience don’t get discouraged took me ages and I still f*** up all the time just keep at it let’s go on to the vertical swings vertical swings are a lot harder with latency but we’ll touch on that later right now let’s focus on BS’ing the vertical swing so as soon as I see the start of the animation I roll in I roll in to the right that’s the easier side to grab I instantly turn around and press r1 as soon as I get up of course this gets me the backstab without the trade if you’re a little bit late you get the trade but you’ll still get the backstab so it’s still a really good trade but I’ve mastered the art and can normally do it with our trades if concentrated enough so with a lot of practice you can do this on higher latencies and not get a trade that’s pretty damn impressive and of course the same rules still apply I roll i unlock I hold down on the Left stick I turn around and press r1 and got that booty right, onto great swords we’re getting closer.

Spacing a roll comes down to experience but I’ll try and give you a little help depending on the ping between you and your opponent you need to adjust for me this is Germany so I need to imagine them at least two people ahead of where they are and then calculate whereabouts they’re gonna be and then roll to that spot rather than roll where they are now because if I rolled where they are now I’ll get clipped in the head so what should we make the adjustments a lot of these are prediction rolls so I actually start the roll before they swing this is also dependent on latency so test it out with a friend so you are about your sweet spot is for that said part of the world the faster the weapon the sooner you got a roll the better predict you got to make. the two-handed move said I can go back to sight backstabs so I’ll wait for the swing I roll in hold back press r1 because of the tracking of the greatsword they miss their second R1 and I get a trade free backstab. all right now we’re under straight swords it’s getting and exciting.

So this is a pretty experienced thing to do and I don’t expect you to get on your first try or even your hundredth but I roll a second in advance to make up for the latency and the reason it’s a second is because it’s a much faster weapon so I need to calculate the speed of the weapon the distance the latency and then if all on the right I’m gonna get a backstab without a trade but let’s look at one with the trade so I was only able to get ten milliseconds before the roll which means they swung a lot sooner which means the second hint will have enough time to turn around and clip me but because I already got the first part of the stab I get pulled back into the animation it isn’t as clean but it gets the job done.

I’m gonna show you another variation. this is a sight roll bs on a straight sword distance is key for this one they swing the second hit Clips me but it has no actual hits done so I’m able to spam r1 and pull that back they turn around and get the second hit from the third r1 but because already pressed r1 after the second hit I get that BS again a good judgement of latency really comes into play here where they swung there are actually a lot closer to me than where they were and their swing of the straight sword actually moves them forward a bit. like anything if you can reaction roll you can capitalize that’s still 900 plus damage for two while one’s not too bad of a trade if you ask me let me show you another variation of this BS without latency as you can see I’m a lot closer to my opponent I also roll after the first swing compared to the German opponent where I rolled before or just as the first wing this is the difference in latencies here he’s a lot closer so if I rolled a lot sooner he would actually clip me and stun me so I’m not able to get behind him and grab that BS as you can see I unlock during the roll I’m also holding back like any other BS he knocks me out but I’m still able to get the R1 out because I have no hit-stun on the second r1 but I do one the first if he clipped it with the first I would get stunned but on the second I don’t so I’m still able to get the animation I’m still have to get the backstab that’s just how backstabs work. just some generic tips and word of wisdom get a friend that wants to practice backstabbing and you both practice on each other or if you have a friend that’s good at it now want to teach you do it that way but it’s best if you have a friend that’s also inexperienced because you both learn together you both get that that dopamine hit when you finally figure it out and that’s the most rewarding thing about backstabbing it adds a depth to the game that is lacking.

you will die a lot, you will get pointed down to a lot you’ll get dung pies thrown at you a lot. but putting the time and effort in you’re gonna master it you’re gonna become a beast so stick to it. I put a lot of work into this so if it helped you in any way or gave you some encouragement to go out there and give it a shot I would really appreciate a like on the video it helps out tremendously YouTube and uh puts a smile on my face as well take it easy guys and have a good day .

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