Welcome guys to my brand new series of questlines! In this video we’re going to be tackling Greirat’s questline. To start off his quest you want to head to the High Wall of Lothric. His cell key can be found inside the room where you get your first Estus Shard. You want to avoid these enemies and just run straight for the cell key. and, ye. You might get ganked or ambushed down at the bottom because there’s heaps of enemies especially.. the dogs the dogs in this game are just outrageous! idn. You dont wanna be trading hits! but.. Proceed forth and you will find it down, a set of stairs… to the left of the room, as, where I’m facing now. Down these stairs. If I just get there. Alright. Sweet. Now, head back to, that, bonfire, Where you first sit, and his cell should be located down here, down this ladder, through this dungeon area, just take out this guy, just quick, yep.

And to the right here, down the set of stairs He’s a very peculiar NPC… but anyway. Ah, this guy. Just open up this cell door, and, ye. The next step is to acquire Loretta’s Boneshard. Yeh… Im misjudging the range of this claymore and, This is pretty much where the second Estus Shard you get is so… Now return to Firelink Shrine and give him Loretta’s Boneshard. Now save and quit and he will be curled up in a ball DS1 reference. Save and quit again or exit and enter Firelink Shrine to.. trigger his plunder request.

Now in order for him to return from his plunder, You have to at least kill one boss. And if you have not killed the Curse-Rotted Greatwood Tree yet, then thats a good start. To kill that boss. His next plunder request requires you to have discovered Irithyll of the Boreal Valley. Once you have, go back and talk to him. Go through Irithyll, like you normally would, and, Talk to Seigward in the Irithyll kitchen, but do not go through the Irithyll Dungeon route. Because this will trigger Seigward to warp to the Profaned Capital. And if you’re not doing Patches questline, or if you’ve bought the onion armour off Patches then no one will save Greirat. Then he will die in Irithyll. And if he does you can find his ashes in the Irithyll Sewers. But after you speak with Seigward, then go and kill Pontiff Sullivan, or Sulyvahn. And then go back to, Firelink, and talk to Greirat, and he should be… selling new shit. The final plunder of his questline requires you to discover Lothric Castle…

Once you have, return to him and request him to plunder the castle. Proceed through the Grand Archives… until you get to your first roofed area… and, once your in that first roofed area… Proceed forth, until you meet this ledge on the right. Drop down where there’s a bunch of Corvian’s, and, keep going forward, and, jump onto the lower roof level.

There you will find Greirat’s corpse, and ashes. You can give his ashes to the Handmaid, um, to, get, or acquire exploding bolts or I think its splintering bolts ahh.. critical damage ye. Alright guys, thanks for watching! Appreciate it! and, I hope you guys have a really good life and just.. ye. Love you guys. .

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