Hey, guys ~ this is one more Dark Souls III video will change my weapon here… ’cause I have to just kill this one damn boss I’ll show you guys now Today I’m gonna face the most hard facing boss in the game most hard boss in all world most hard boss in all universe! some parkour here ~ AAAND… empowering my sword here, and let’s go! this boss is so hard to kill that I needed to dress like a priest we wll see if some miracles happen so I can kill him thisveryvery big chicken… first fase is this chicken here Storm King here I take a two hands sword normally… no kidding, I dressed up like a priest ’cause it gaves me more resistance agains lightning and this is a lightning boss after all been beaten up here have to try hiting the chicken head and runaway when the other guy over there attacks after you cause a huge damage like this, it will fall down well, that was the first fase, guys well, now that I’ve killed the big chicken I have to face the other guy now (you killed his beloved chicken after all u.รบ) and this guy is the big, big problem when this guy here hits you, causes a HUUUGEEE damage never rest, has no fails he is a really pretty guy, but now he’s pissed off I have to change my weapon really, really really fast and now I’m holding this kind of lolipop that I left in +10 empower and use this shield it’s like this…

With this shield I hold 95% of the damage he causes, you see? only 5% hits me, and he has lightning resistance and this weapon also causes a lot of damage, you only has to be a little patient and pray for some miracle happen look at this huge damage he just caused! gonna keep trying to hit him… If I’m a little more greed, I’m dead look! He fell down! after some critial hits, he falls this is the time I need to heal and try to hit a good, strong attack Look! He gaves this attack that the lightning come back when his life’s by half he has this strongests attacks lightning there’s no secret, guys always whti the shield raised wil raise the shield, hold on the hit and fastly download the shield recover my histamin more fast than I can…. if I’m without histamin I’m dead too fell again… so I can take advantage heal, histamin… keep patient yet he fails now, now I can beat him up YES! (or some suspicious victory’s noise g-g) VICTORY, guys lol wasn’t easy, guys! I’ve been trying to kill this boss, I think, for 40 or 50 times….

It is really really very very hard I had to desenvolve a whole new strategy just to face it … I can’t believe this Jesus must have been helping me hahaha this is it, guys, and I still have two Esthus it’s a miracle there’s no explanation, must have been Jesus will even pray a little need to thanks god a lot, ’cause it’s very hard, really thanks for watching, guys ~ See you o/ Sub: Jess Bywhim .

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