Hey this is Mcsteveberry! and today i’m going to be showing you how to farm multiplayer items offline most of these drops are rare so they are tedious to farm but they are worth it if you’re not on multiplayer alright let’s get started now for the wolfs blood swordgrass you want to farm the three ghru’s outside of the keep ruins bonfire. you can submit the wolfs blood swordgrass to the old wolf of farron of the watchdogs of farron covenant to head there go from the keep ruins bonfire and head right until you meet a ladder climb up the ladder you’ll find the Covenant I think it was painfully obvious that i was lacking in the poise department. Darkwraiths have a chance of dropping pale tongues, so you want to go to the farron keep perimeter bonfire and farm the two darkwraiths that are outside you can submit the pale tongues to rosaria of the rosaria fingers covenant she is located in the cathedral of the deep.

I have a video guide of showing you how to get there the best place to farm the vertebrae shackles would be outside of the catacombs of carthus bonfire. farm the two skeleton swordsman just after the skeletal ball. you can submit the vertebrae shackles to the mound makers covenant, which is located just after the curse-rotted great wood tree. for the human dregs, you want to be at the pontiff sulyvahn bonfire, they have a chance of dropping from the devout of the deep, which are the blue-robbed deacons. human dregs can be submitted to aldrich faithful covenant located in the flooded chamber in irithyll. there should be an illusionary wall here and down the ladder should be awaiting two croco wolfs. they are critical foes, but if taken out one at a time they are manageable defeat them and you have access to the altar of aldrich faithful if you want to farm for the proof of concord kept, then you want to farm the silver knights at anor londo, right outside the anor londo bonfire that is the most efficient way to farm for it.

Farming these knights can be tedious cos their loot pool is wide and they have a chance of dropping their armor and titanite, more than they do the multiplayer item. proof of concorde kept can be submitted to darmoon blade covenant which is located across a secret passageway in anor londo which is under the rotating lift just before the anor londo bonfire if you have already joined Rosaria’s covenant then you cannot access this covenant but if you want to be able to join both rosarias and darkmoon blade covenant then hold off joining rosarias for a while until you make sirris then learn a gesture off her and once you’ve learnt the gesture feel free to join the rosarias whenever you want because that’s all you need to enter this darkmoon blade covenant.

If it’s too late and you’ve already joined Rosaria’s then you have to wait for the next new game playthrough. that lady allows you to join the covenant. to farm sunlight medals you want to head to the lothric castle bonfire and farm that 1 lothric knight that patrols the hall like the silver knight these knights have a wide loot pool so you’ll mostly be getting armor and titanite instead of the multiplayer item sunlight medals can be submitted to the sunlight covenant to get to the sunlight altar for the sunlight covenant you have to travel to Dragon Slayer armors bonfire and then head straight take a right and against the wall you will meet a ladder, climb up the ladder and proceeded forth the room with the double doors open I just passed is where the sunlight altar is. It will be closed on your playthrough until you open it as a shortcut thank you for watching my video please like the video if you liked it and please subscribe if you wanna see more content have a peaceful and prosperous life

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