Hello guys, quick video showing you how you can unlock the ability to purchase unlimited Titanite Chunks, Twinkling Titanite and Titanite Scales in Dark Souls 3. To do so you must offer the Dragon Chaser’s Ashes to the SHrine Handmaiden in Firelink Shrine. The ashes are pretty easy to find but obviously aren’t available until quite late in the game. You must first have gained access to Archdragon Peak and made your way through the area to the Great Belfry Bonfire. When you’re at the bonfire, continue further and you’ll be in this sort of area surrounded by a lot of enemies, I’m just going to run through them for the video but I’d recommend if it’s your first time here to clear them out on the way and pick up any other items you can find.

Basically just stick to the left and you’ll see an opening to the side. Head into it, and there’ll be a Rock Lizard Rolling Shithead here, and beyond him is a corpse with the Dragon Chaser’s Ashes and then do whatever you want, personally I ran for my life back to the bonfire. So to use the ashes head back to Firelink Shrine and hand them to the Hand Maiden and then when you next open up the purchase menu you’ll see Titanite Chunks at 13,000 souls, Twinkling Titanite at 15,000 and Titanite Scales at 20,000 Souls.

Here it’s probably important to to remember that when you head into a New Game cycle, which you may well do soon after acquiring these ashes, the Hand Maiden’s wares will reset so make sure you stock up beforehand on all of these items. Anyhoo that is how you can acquire the Dragon Chaser’s Ashes and use them to unlock unlimited Titanite Chunks, Twinkling Titanite and Titanite Scales. If you found the video useful, let me know via a like comment or subscribe, as always guys thanks for watching and take care.


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