Watsup. You can start Irina’s quest straight off the bat, if you have the Silvercat Ring, and just jump into the pit, and rescue her, from her cell. But if you do not have the Silvercat Ring, or if your just starting the game, then you will need the Morticians Ashes. .. The reason being, is, that, the Morticians Ashes hold the Grave Key that opens a way to get to Irina’s cell. And this path that we’ll be taking, is actually.. past the Dilapidated Bridge, down into the sewer area, and, it would be the gate to the right. There is also the first Undead Boneshard you can acquire in this area that Im passing now. The ashes are just on a corpse here, and, once you get the ashes, bring them back to the Handmaid, give them to her, and then buy the key off her.

After you have the Grave Key, head back to the Dilapidated Bridge Bonfire. And cross the Dilapidated Bridge. And down this area, as I said before, to the right, will be the door that .. you can open. And to the right here, is Velka’s Shrine, Which un-agro’s NPC’s. but, talking about Irina’s quest now.. there are two sides to this quest, there’s a “Good Ending”, and a “Bad Ending”. In order for the “Bad Ending” to trigger, You have to purchase ALL her Dark Miracles.

In order for the “Good Ending” to trigger, you have to purchase all her divine miracles. But if you’ve purchased all the miracles she has, whether it be Dark, or divine, then her “Dark Ending” will still trigger. For she has been afflicted by the Dark, for reading, the passages inside the Tomes. Giving Irina all the Tomes will not trigger the “Bad Ending”, but buying all the Dark Miracles off her will.. for she has to read the Tomes in order to teach you them. (Be careful of these rats, ahh, their, they keep spawning). Heading up this ladder, you will find her, sitting there, patiently. And, Eygon of Carim, is waiting, outside, the cell. Just guarding her. After you’ve warped Irina to Firelink Shrine, go outside the cell, and exhaust Eygon of Carim’s dialogue.

Eygon is needed at Firelink Shrine, for her “Dark Ending”. At this point, you will need to acquire all the Dark, or divine Braille Tomes. The first one you can get, is in Firelink Shrine, and you can buy it from Yuria. It is a Londor Braille Tome. Yuria will appear at Firelink Shrine when you have 5 Dark Sigils in you inventory. You can get them by levelling up with Yoel. The second Tome you can come across is in the Road of Sacrifices. This is the Halfway Fortress Bonfire. Head straight, cross the bridge, and then drop down to the left. The third Tome you come across is in the Cathedral of the Deep.

Now head down these stairs where you encounter the first Giant, into the room at the end of this hall. And to the right here is a Mimic. You can kill it, and it drops the, Deep.. Braille.. Tome. The last Tome we need to get, requires you have discovered Lothric Castle, and once you have, head outside the Dragonslayer Armour’s boss arena, and just drop down this ledge where the dragon, would be sitting. And then enter the room. In this room, you can find the Sunlight Straight Sword, which is in a Mimic, and the.. divine Tome of Lothric. Now that we’ve acquired all the Tomes in the game, bring them back to Irina, so she can teach you new miracles. You can bring the Tomes to her in any order.

Purchase all the divine miracles, for her “Good Ending”. After this, save and quit, reload the area, and you will notice she is not, in her usual spot.. She has moved to the Firekeeper Tower.. You will need the Tower Gate Key, off the Handmaid, in order to get to her. Now, she has exceeded all divinity.. and has become, a Firekeeper. Now, you can use her, to level up. If you have given her any Dark Tomes at this point, but have not purchased any Dark Mircales, you will find them, on the floor in this room, and once you have, bring them to Karla in order to safely learn Dark Miracles.

At this point of the game you can find Morne’s Great Hammer, and the Moaning shield, inside Irina’s cell.. where she was sitting, when you met her. Now this concludes Irina’s “Light Ending”. Her “Dark Ending”, is simple to trigger, and can easily be mistaken, during anyones first playthrough. Purchase the Dark Miracles off her, after you have given her ALL the Dark Tomes. And once you have, .. you have afflicter her, with the Dark, for reading, the Tomes. Now, save and quit, and then speak to her. Save and quit again, and you will notice, she is not there. Just like the good ending, but except this one is more despairing. Head outside Firelink Shrine, toward Iudix Gundyr’s boss area, and you will see Eygon guarding Irina.. for the last time. Eygon see’s what you have done with Irina, and is agro on you.. so defeat him, and, speak with Irina. Irina is damaged and desolate, from the Dark Miracles.. Speak to her back at Firelink Shrine, to understand how truly afflicted she is. She does not recognise your warm touch, to the void of a vessel that she has become… but if you purchase Morne’s Gauntlets, and equip them.

Touch her again, and she will mistake you for the one that swore to put an end to her constant ruination and corruption, if it ever happened. Truly sad. Irina drops her ashes, and the Firekeeper Tower Key. Giving her ashes to the Handmaid, yields everything that she sells. This concludes, Irina’s “Bad Ending”. The Handmaid will now sell, everything that was available, from Irina, before she died. Now, .. Irina was corrupted by the Abyss, from the tales that were told in the Dark Tomes. She was blind.. but nontheless, the Deep.. consumed her. .

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