Hey guys! welcome to my Seigward questline walkthough. To start his quest, you wanna be in the Undead Settlement and, you’ll run into him regardless either way if your progressing through the game. .. You’ll be faced with his old “Elevator Fiasco”. In order to solve this.. just hop on the pad, and let him go up. After he is up, Go up the elevator.. and talk to him.. then kill the Fire Demon. There should be a ledge where you can drop down onto from the lift. The next part in his questline requires you have discovered the, Cathedral of the Deep. And once you have, you have to open the double door’s shortcut so Patches can come into the cathedral, and, after that save and quit, to reload the area then, talk to Patches and, he will trap you, and, you have to go around to the Rosaria’s covenant uh, route.

And from where you first saw him, on the other side, he’ll be waiting for you so you can buy, Seigwards armour off him. Open these doors.. and uh.. you can just save and quit. .. Once you’ve reloaded the area, Patches should be standing right next to the bridge. .. yeah.. I have a video tutorial on how to find Rosaria’s covenant. but uh.. ye just take this lift up. .. doin a gesture see you later rat! ha pretty sure they’re called Undead Slaves.. uh Im not sure.. reminds me of Greirat, so.. take this guy out.. climb up the ladder, PRO TIP: Hold Circle or B to climb up ladders just, .. one minuscule, quicker. Just like the tiniest bit quicker! .. Not like Dark Souls II. I love Dark Souls II. .. Anyway… climb down here, To the left there, if you’re in NG+2, you can get the Ring of Favour and Protection. To the left there. In that little alcove. .. Aight. .. This guy… Just keep proceeding forth, straight ahead, Yeh, these Knights of the Deep, really want my head Hmhmhm! No chance.

Nooo chance. Aight. Jump down this ledge, and.. ye. Should be a maggot here. You can take out the maggot there.. and.. .. Just uh, buy Seigward’s armour off him You don’t NEED to buy the shield, but I got it just incase but ye, all you need is his armour. and ye. The next step in his questline requires you to go to the Cleansing Chapel Bonfire, and, just outside in the well he’ll be there, requesting his armour…

Cos some fuck-head stole it. Now, you need to discover Irithyll, and once you have, he will be in the Irithyll Kitchen, just by the Irithyll Sewers. but DO NOT ENTER the Irithyll Dungeon, until you have talked to him in the Irithyll Kitchen. “This humble knight of Catarina, enjoys a snooze”. Buut anyway. After you talk to him here, you wanna go through the Irithyll Dungeon and, get.. the Old Cell Key. Once you get the key, make your way to the Profaned Capital, and free Seigward from his cell. He will award you a Titanite Slab for doing so. .. ye.. so, you wanna watch out for these centipede.. uh.. monsters, and, just climb up the ladder, .. There are the weirdest fukin lookin enemies I’ve ever seen in this game Just Dark Souls III. In this game. Just in that, cracked door there but.. .. I mean cracked wall, but..

.. Ahh.. There should be a mage here, I’ve already cleared him out, but he will drop, a scroll. ..I think its Logans scroll Im not sure; or Golden Scroll.. Ye its Logans Scroll. Aight. Just free him, and then go kill Yhorm. Seigward has a chance of dying against Yhorm, so make sure Yhorm is agro’d on you.. while Seigward’s taking hits on him. If Seigward does die against Yhorm, then where he died, you can find his: Armour, Shield and Storm Ruler Sword. Which is pretty redundant. You don’t need, fukin, 10 Storm Ruler Swords… Fahk! But if you managed to kill Yhorm with Seigward, just co-op that boss..

Like a boss.. Hehe! .. Nah seriously, if you do manage to kill Yhorm with Seigward, then just save and quit from the area, and Seigward will disappear, and you can find his armour, and shield.. ..and “Storm Ruler Sword” right where he was sitting down. Let’s have a toast! Aight guys this concludes Seigwards questline video. I’d really appreciate it if you’d show some love and like and subcribed.. even if you dont, I still love you, and appreciate your view.

Aight guys, have a really wonderful life, and I’ll catch you in the next one. Cya guys. .

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