So, you just started a new game in Dark Souls 3. Maybe it’s your second playthrough or your very first time playing, but no matter what, you’re going to find the hardest boss in the entire game right away. The Character Creation Screen. (spooky) More often than not, the experience will go something like this… You realize that the commoner preset looks absolutely distasteful, and has that weird look that every other player has… So… You kinda look through the presets, hoping to find something better, and then you come across *this* or this! or this! or, (heaven forbid) THIS! What the fuck is thi-… So yeah, maybe you stick with commoner or switch to one or the other half-decent looking presets and you wanna customize a little bit so you don’t look like everyone else but you just tumble across the many, many options and end up with a sad excuse of a character that just looks hideous and just…

Is asking for mercy. (jesus christ) If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation like this well… turn on the annotations, keep watching, because this video is for you. (get hyped) So the way this works is very simple down below, you can see six templates, or presets that I’ve prepared for you. Each one of them is unique, and you can use them to start making your own characters. In this one though, you will see which one of these is currently being displayed in the main window. You will notice that he has an orange marker around him. The video itself will cycle through the presets each fifteen seconds, but if you’re interested in one of them in particular just click on it’s face, and you will be directed right into it. So when you’ve selected a preset or just let the video select it for you you will see it on the main window, now if you click on it, you will be directed to an unlisted video where you can see the process of how to get to that preset it only takes a couple minutes, it’s very simple and once you’ve done that, you can either keep the character as it is do your own customization and make it look however you want or you can use one of the many suggestions that I present to you to have a finished, good looking character that’s up to you.

Alright, so that was it, I hope that you enjoy it. .

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