Hello guys, video showing you a really good spot that you can farm for a ton a souls, 100% chance of large Titanite Shards and a decent chance at Titanite Chunks too in Dark Souls 3. And to top it all off it’s pretty much risk free and piss easy too. Before you can use the spot you must first defeat the Dancer of Boreal Valley (I think that’s how you say it) and proceed to the Lothric Castle Bonfire which is a couple of minutes after the boss. From here, turn around and kill the Knight on his own before he wanders off into the next room, and that’s pretty much it. Sit at the bonfire to respawn him and you can repeat it infinitely. Took me about 25 seconds on average, respawn to respawn, but if you’re a little better than me or have some strong magic I wouldn’t be suprised to see that time cut down to 20 seconds.

You get 2750 souls per kill with the Silver Covetous Ring and a guranteed Large Titanite Shard each time, or and this is about 10% of the time, you get a Titanite Chunk as well. And that was at 150 item discovery. I’m not 100% sure that item discovery does actually increase the chance of titanite chunks but from what I observed it does. You can also get all the knight’s armor, his weapons, and for some reason Sun Medallions as well, so if you wanted to farm them, they’re relatively common as well. Anyway, that is the spot, it’s kind of a late game one but I think you would be able to do it if you kill the Dancer of Boreal Valley early, I’m not 100% about that, if anyone knows I’ll leave an annotation to confirm or deny that.

Anyway I hope you found the video useful, if you did let me know via a like comment or subscribe, as always thanks for watching guys and happy grinding. .

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