Hey guys, quick video showing you can get the Silver Covetous Ring in Dark Souls 3. The Covetous Silver Serpent Ring is really good for farming, because it gives an extra 11% Souls on top of what you’d normally get. Before you can get it you need to get the Tower Key from the Handmaiden in Firelink Shrine and that’ll cost you 20,000 Souls. So from the Firelink Shrine Bonfire head upstairs to the second floor, just wait for the fog to clear.

Just go outside and head up the staircase here. This gate here is what you’d unlock with the key, just go inside and head upstairs, up the spiral staircase. Now head out onto the bridge and where it’s collapsing a bit you can drop down onto this roof here. You’ll see there’s sort of a level below where you’re at on the roof, if you drop down to that now, and then keep walking round. You’ll see an opening into the Firelink Shrine again, this time you’re on beams right up the top of the building. Walk across the beams. Then on this wall here, attack because it’s an illusory wall, walk across some more beams and then drop down at the end and to your right there is a chest which contains the Silver Covetous Ring, which I would recommend you get very early on in the game because you’ll see a lot of Souls from it.

And that is how you get the Silver Covetous Ring in NG / New Game. In NG + and NG ++ for +1 and +2 rings it’s in different places so this isn’t helpful for that but this is for the base tier. If you found the video useful let me know via a like, comment or subscribe. As always guys thanks for watching and take care. .

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