Hello guys, video showing you how you can get the Mendicant’s Staff which provides an extra 20% Soul Gain in Dark Souls 3. It requires 18 Intelligence and 7 Strength to Wield properly and unless you’re on a mage build it’s not that helpful because you could always be using the shield of want instead which gives the same bonus. But if you’re built so you can use sorceries then you can use both the Staff and the Shield and they give a multiplicative effect. Right, to obtain the staff you need to farm the summoner type enemies in Archdragon Peak of which there are two and the best spot for them is at the Great Belfry bonfire. All you need to do it turn around and sprint a little and you’ll reach the summoner which you can surprise and kill really quickly. Then just head back to the bonfire to reset and repeat.

The drop rate is kind of low, so to give yourself the best chance of acquiring it you want to equip a load of gear that has item discovery. That is, the Crystal Sages Rapier which gives 50, the Symbol of Avarice which gives 100 and whichever highest Covetous Gold Serpent Ring you have, and then you can use a Rusted Coin as well, in the video I managed to get the item discovery up to 389 obviously this can go a bit higher but use what you have basically. It took me about 15 kills to get it at this item discovery so it was about 10 minutes of farming or something like that. Now if you want to get the maximum amount of souls possible from farming, the best setup is the Mendicant’s Staff in the main hand, shield of want in offhand, Symbol of Avarice for Helm, and then whichever Silver Covetous Ring you have.

Since Soul Gains are multiplicative you can achieve a total of almost 240% soul gain in NG, 260% in NG+ and then 280% in NG+2 and beyond. The obvious drawback to the staff of course is that you need to be using magic for it to be viable and if you don’t use magic then the staff is the obvious soul gain item to lose first. Anyway that is how you can acquire the Mendicant’s Staff in Dark Souls 3, I hope you found the video helpful, if you did let me know via a like comment or subscribe, as always guys thanks for watching and take care. .

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