Hello guys, really quick video showing you how you can acquire the White Sign Soapstone so you can begin being summoned for Co-Op in Dark Souls 3. Once you’ve defeated the game’s first boss and reached Firelink Shrine, talk to the Handmaiden right near the bonfire. From her you can purchase all sorts of shit, including the Soapstone for 500 Souls. It’s available much sooner than it was in Dark Souls 2 so you can jump straight into Co-Op much earlier. In order to start Co-Op and be summoned into someone else’s world you must use the Soapstone on a map that allows it, which is essentially everywhere other than the Firelink Shrine, and wait a few moment. When someone interacts with your summon sign , then you will be brought into their world for some Co-Op.

On the flip side, the host of the world must have full embers, which is the equivalent of humanity in earlier games. You’ll see these glowing signs on the floor, just interact with other people’s and they’ll be brought into your world and you can bring in more than one person which is cool. So that’s all you need to know and do to get started in Co-Op in Dark Souls 3, hope you found the video useful, if you did let me know via a like comment or subscribe. As always guys, thanks for watching and enjoy the launch of Dark Souls 3. .

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