I rise up out of the ground like a red menace, ready to hunt. I roll for no reason at all because why not right? I head off to where I think the host is going and to my suprise…. The host is fighting the exiles, so I go in for the kill like any invader should. He either saw me turn the corner or was simply trying to shake the Curved sword Exile and goes down the ladder with great speed! I follow quickly to try to secure my kill. After all, it’s just the host right? This will be a piece of cake! Near the bottom of the ladder I spot my prey, but he spotted me too. I was trying to draw him in a bit closer for a plunging attack but I think he knew that.

As I hit the ground he swings a couple of times to make me back off…….and I fall for it. He then turns around and starts up the ladder with much gusto! For he does not want to die to the Lone red menace! I try to stop him to to no avail he scampers up the ladder like a rabid house painter?! Wut? Then I start off after him myself as to not lose my prey.

-Long dramatic ladder climb- As I near the top of the ladder I see to my suprise, he has a friend in the for on an Edgy Artorias cosplayer. The butter knife wielding pair swing away trying to hit me as I climb up onto solid ground. I then proceed to R1 spam like a pro……I felt the cancer cells form in my body just from that alone. I see the phantom switch to the Abyss watchers Greatsword and think, Hmmm, here comes the brake dance! I back up to give my self to start forming room as to find out how to beat the pair then…something unexpected happens. They left the Great club Exile alive!! He uses wary cry then glides into battle? Like how though? The host does a rather impressive jumping attack to try to hit the Exile and possibly me as well and misses one target and the next phase of combat begins!! The white phantom tries to spin to win me and my health bar barely move at all.

As I am the Flameberge Tank!! Agatha Stormfall!! Mwahahahah!! Oi, lay off the hitting!! The host is a slippery one I say, he rolls like a snow ball down hill and I am only able to hit him after he stops to hit me. The phantom come in like while lightning and break dances a bit. He tried again to break dance and I stop him before he gets the chance getting a couple of good swings with my trusty Flameberge!! The phantom retreats to heal and I go for the host but he tanks up behind his shield for a couple of hits. The Great Club Exile and I beat up on this poor host a second and he manages to slip away as the phantom take a hit from my sword. The host healed and I go after him wanting the kill at this point because he gots to go!! The host backs up to sharpen his butter knife and gets punished for it His phantom rejoins the fight and I get hit a few times and back up as the exile come in and drops the bass.

Like dayum. I run to the host to secure my kill, or not, so I try again, and miss again. Man, this host is slippery. The host heals and I punish him again, this fight must be over soon right? The phantom saves his host yet again. But…. He falls to my blade and not it’s just me, and the host. The host is not happy about that and tried to get me, the exile still around somewhere, not a wise choice , that butter knife wont save you….. I throw a parry thinking he was going to attack, but I was wrong and go after him, and get hit -_____-. Because I tried to parry again, and failed. I roll away and go after him one last time…breaking his guard……..then it was over. Into the chest, and onto the ground. .

As found on Youtube