High Lord Wolnir can be found in the Catacombs of Carthus and can be daunting the first time a player encounters him. This a boss fight that usually goes one of two ways. Either you a) nail it and it goes off without a hitch, or b) shit hits the fan and all hell breaks loose. There is rarely a middle ground. Once the fight begins you are going to want to make for his left arm on your right side and let him advance and place his arm on the ground.

He will crawl forwards 2x with each arm before stopping. Once he stops you need to attack the bracelets on his wrist here. The challenge here is trying to keep an eye on which attack he does while dealing as much damage to these bracelets as you can. The real deadly one is the breath attack he does which is discernable by him raising his head. If you see this run backwards like hell and be careful because it has a longer range that it appears and can kill nearly instantly. After he does a breath attack wait from him to crawl towards you, just like he did in the beginning and repeat this strategy. Dodge his fist pounds or arm swipe as needed, and heal if you get hit. These attacks shouldn’t kill you if you are in ember form. Once the two bracelets are down on the left wrist, sprint over to the right one and try and put some damage into it before he attacks. You probably won’t be able to break it here, but you should have it severely weakened. The same strategy applies, and you should be keeping an eye on his attacks.

If you take too long he may summon skeletons or pull a giant sword from the ground, making this fight MUCH MUCH harder. The key here is learning to destroy these bracelets fast enough that neither of those things happen. It may take several attempts, so don’t despair if you don’t get it right away. .

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