Hi, people. How are you? Welcome to my channel. Today I’m going to show you a build that uses the Drang Twinspears with the Crystal magic weapon. Hope you like, let’s start the video. How to get them? The best way to get the spears, is from the Pontiff Sulyvahn bonfire, going straight, up to where the two Golems are sleeping. In this place we are going to be attack by two NPC’s, one of them has the Drang Twinspears and the other has the Drang Hammers.

They are aggressive, so we have to kill them to get the weapon that we are looking for. Well, let’s talk about the stats of the character As you can see, I level up my character up to SL140, because I think is a good point to fight (PVP) with players SL120 & SL150. The bad thing about this point is that you can’t fight with people SL100, because if I’m not wrong (I was wrong :P), You can fight people *SL116 up to *SL164 something like that… (*Picture with correct information) However you are going to find plenty PVP players, now with the DLC and the Hollow Arena is not a problem to match really fast.

Here outside the Pontiff Sulyvahn bonfire, you can find PVP as well. I could farm all the Covenants items (Mound-Makers, Rosaria’s fingers) without a problem. In the video I’m going to show you some PVP in this place. Ok, lets talk about the character’s items. We want to have the spears +10 for sure and without any infused. They have the max damage without any infuse with our build. We have 30 Str and 40 Dex, we are not a quality build, but I sacrifice 10 points in Str for 10 points in Vigor (To get 38 Vigor) I did this, because with 28 in Vigor I feel very squishy. Maybe because my SL level (140) is a bit high, perhaps at SL120 you can manage better with 28 Vigor. We need 10 in Attunement to use the Crystal Magic Weapon spell. 30 in Endurance, I think is enough because our weapon is not too heavy. Well, I have 15 in Vitality because this character started as Knight class. This build should work better if you start at a Mercenary class, or maybe… as a *Deprived (Not Warrior).

Anyway, this character was born as Knight and I could do the build good enough. We have 60 Intelligence for max damage with the Crystal Magic Spell. Our staff, has the maximum damage +10 with Int because we have an S scaling. Our spellbuff is really high (At 60 Int 238). The Court Sorcerer’s Staff. If you choose the Faith path, you must use the Darkmoon blade miracle.

However, I think is not worth it, because you are going to gain like 10 of damage only. We are talking this, if you choose to get 60 Faith instead of 60 Int. Then we have the Caestus (for parrys) with a simple infusion, because of the FP recovery. If we want to use the special attack of the spears that is a Charge we gonna need that FP. Another point to have the FP regeneration is if you want to put our Crystal Magic spell again in the spears, and we can’t (or have no time) to drink the Ashen estus flask. Let’s talk about the equipment. I really like this composition of armor. It has fire witch helm, wolf knight armor, cathedral knight gauntlets and outrider knight leggings. As you can see, it fits really well. Maybe you can choose other gauntlets, but these are the best I can found. Ok, let’s talk about rings. We have scholar’s ring, to get 60 int, hunter’s ring to get 40 dexterity and ring of favor +1 mainly for the stamina increase (10.5%). I think this ring is really worth it.

Then I have this Life Ring +2, but you can change it if you want. You can choose the Chloranthy Ring +1, but I really don’t think is worth it. Because, in fact this ring will not change you too much the stamina recovery (As the Green Blossom do). You can choose the Havel’s ring +1 if you want more Vitality. Or the Prisioner’s Chain, you will have more (5) Vigor, (5) Endurance and (5) Vitality, but damage taken is increased by 10%. I think is very situational, like a ‘double edge weapon’ but is not bad at all. Another options are: the Leo Ring, as we are using spears (thrust attack) maybe is worth it to get that *15% additional damage in counter-attacks. Counter-attack: If we interrupt when our enemy is doing the animation to attack us. If you are good doing parrys, then the Hornet Ring is really great, but I’m not good doing it 😛 So I think the best for me is the Life Ring +2 (9% HP), with 38 Vigor is around 130 – 140 plus HP.

If we are in our world embers, it’s about 170 plus HP. Let’s talk a bit about the moveset. The most used attack is ‘Roll and L1’ It is a very strong attack if both spears impact on the enemy As you can see, one spear is longer than the other, but at least one of them will impact, dealing from 250 to 300 damage approx. If both spears impact the enemy you can deal up to 600 damage. That’s a lot. The bad part about this attack is that if an enemy runs to one side, the spear will do the attack animation forward and our enemy will be in one side. So, the best you can do is continue the combo I mean, press ‘L1’ again so you can do this attack, The animation on this attack is that the left spear hits to the left. So, you have many chance to hit the enemy. Then, you can continue pressing ‘L1’ up to this final attack, that can hits even if our enemy rolls back, at least one spear should impact at that range.

Another attack that this spears has is the special with ‘R2’ is a ‘Charge’, that you can get it longer if you press ‘R2’ is not very effective really, because the animation is very slow predictable and parryable so, you can use it only in very few moments, personally I never use this attack. Another bad thing about the spears is that every attack are parryable I didn’t find an attack not parryable.

So, you have to be very carefully if our enemy wants to parry us all the time when to attack, when to roll Personally, I use this attack to start the fight: ‘Runing press R1’ as you can see, our character strech himself and the attack is very fast and unpredictable. Take in mind, as you will see in the PVP part of the video, that I play very agressive I don’t wait the enemy reaction to act I go to win the fight, and I don’t let him think. You have to take advantage of that with the spears, they are fast (light) and the reach that they have. You have to manage the distances, and as I told you, if both spears impact your enemy you will do tons of damage. .

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