Lorian and Lothric make for one of the more interesting boss fights in Dark Souls 3. The atmosphere, music and style of combat are sure to make this a memorable fight for most players. In phase 1 you will face only Lorian. He will teleport and attack you, which at first seems extremely overpowered, but after a short while you will soon realize his animations start over the second he teleports, giving you time to dodge his attacks. You will want a good fire shield for this fight and will want to block or roll through his regular attacks and get in one or two hits.

If he teleports, dodge then attack if you can or dodge again if he keeps swinging. Every so often he will teleport far away and send a tremor from his blade at you. If you don’t locate him quick enough this will kill you, so be sure to keep an eye out for it. In phase 2 you will be fighting both Lorian and Lothric. This phase begins with Lothric casting homing projectiles and Lorian teleporting immediately to attack you. At this point you want to keep dodging until all projectiles are gone and then resume the strategy from earlier. The only real difference now ist hat Lothric will occasionaly shoot some magic at you, but not often. If you kill Lorian before you kill Lothric, Lothric will revive him to about half health and the fight will continue, so it is best to try and attack Lothric as much as you can, however, killing Lorian is still better than only trying to kill Lothric.

You can get in several free hits when Lothric goes for the revive, just be careful to dodge the AoE. If you continue this strategy you will eventually get Lothric down. A special note:. You can make a weapon that is not accessible unless you have Soul Transposed both of the soul weapons from this boss. Since this is not possible without killing the boss twice, you will only get this weapon near the end of NG+. .

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