Nameless King is one of the hardest bosses in the game. Be prepared for a long fight, many deaths and one of the most amazing battles in a Dark Souls game to date. When the fight starts the Nameless King will swoop in on King of the Storm, his dragon. In the first phase you will need to defeat the dragon. Its head is the weak spot and you will want to hit it hard and often. Stay near the dragon and bait attacks from it and the boss, rolling as necessary to avoid them, and get in 2 or 3 attacks on the dragon’s head immediately afterward. The lock on and camera angle make this much harder than it should be, so be prepared for that and try not to get frustrated. At some point he will take flight, hurl a lightning spear at you and then charge you. Be ready to dodge both attacks and then return to the strategy. A couple of notes about his attacks here: He has a particularly deadly attack where he charges his spear and tries to slam you with it. This attack has some serious AoE and the best tactic is to stay close to the head and roll into the dragon’s body when he does this.

He has a couple of standard swipe and thrust attacks which can be easily dodged, but hit hard, and every now and then the dragon will breath fire. It’s great when it does this as you can roll through it and get in a good 3 or 4 hits no problem. DO NOT get far away from the dragon as he may lift into the air and breath fire onto the ground, which spells almost certain death. Once the dragon is killed, phase 2 begins. Usually the boss will send 2 tremor waves at you, so keep your shield up and block both, or roll to the side. Close the distance and roll through his attacks, getting in an attack here and there. You should have this concept down by this stage of the game, you just simply need to learn his specific timing here. If you mistime your rolls, just roll again immediately after and you should still come out ok. Once he gets to half health here, you will want to back away and roll to avoid his slam attack with an attached lightning AoE.

It has a much larger radius then you would think so roll more than you think you should. Immediately after he will do his lightning attack. He will charge his sword, raise it into the air and the screen will flash. Roll just after you see the flash, not before or you will most likely die. From this point on it’s just more of the same with these two new attacks mixed in, usually following one another just like that. He does have a point blank lightning AoE as well that he will do when you are up close, so look for that.

It’s easy to dodge, and you can get in a couple of attacks afterwards. .

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