There was previously a post for hellion which is pretty much saying hellion is easy over and over again. Now that i just solo-ed helion, I decide to write a more detailed guide for it.
I should probably mention my gear when i did it solo, maxed pangar chain blades, lv4 helion torso, lv3 helion helmet, lv2 helion greaves, maxed naygaza gloves. I would not deny that I did a lot of grinding, but this guide will be strategy focused.
The main idea is to STAY ALIVE, damage output comes next. Actually, regardless of what you are up against, STAY ALIVE. Don’t go all in, you will get killed, use the ‘hit and run’ strategy instead. Roll away when it looks like it is going to attack.

There are several moves it does
Tail swing
Counter: do not stay at the back, it is the most dangerous place you can be, you need 2 rolls to get out of range and you cannot hit it easily. Counter: Hit the head, then the leg, breaking parts make it stagger
Ground plowing
It lays down its body and runs you through. Counter: Roll aside or to its back;
Stomp/ scratch ground???
Counter: just roll away when it lifts its foot, don’t wish you can get away with a few hit, the AOE is pretty big. Always expect the worst to happen
It burst out from the ground? Counter: keep track with it by constantly pressing ‘Reset camera’, roll aside when it just left the top of your screen. Disclaimer: I’m using chain blades, you might need to grasp the iFrame of other weapons yourself.
Lava Spewing
Counter: hit its glowing scales at the back to make it drop fire resistance orbs hit the tail for easier drop.

TL;DR: git gud, well seriously you cannot expect others to carry you in this game, you need to contribute in the fight for the added difficulty per person
ps I have no life


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