What’s harder than a shrowd solo?

A shrowd solo with triple health and double damage.

Each additional person in a party adds 66% health to the boss’s health pool, and once your team dies enough to get danger meter to 100%, the boss starts dealing double damage. So carrying a group of inexperienced slayers through shrowd is no mean task.

Here’s my guide to being the big hero and carrying a 4-man team of inexperienced slayers through shrowd.

A Video Example for Reference:

  1. Don’t be an elitist jerkbag. It’s ok to give people instructions, but not to tell them off for making mistakes. Everybody starts off as a noob.
  2. Start the fight by providing important survival guidance to your new slayer friends. I find that most people mistakenly focus on dps instead of survivability in difficult fights, but it is much more likely to lose to recklessness than it is to the timer. The longer you can keep your team out of danger mode, the higher your chances of success.

I usually give the following instructions at the beginning of my pug runs:

“Inexperienced players should target the tail; it’s an important drop and the safest place to attack. More confident players should target the head. If you’re below half health, don’t fight! Back off and heal! Use your potions liberally, and if you run out of potions, don’t feel bad about watching the show from the sidelines! The danger meter is much more dangerous than the timer!”

Despite giving these instructions, you will often see your eager and bloodthirsty companions attacking shrowd despite being very low on health. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on them and remind them: “Remember not to fight if you’re below half health. Back off and heal. Play defensively :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s useful to throw in lots of smiley faces so people know you’re here to have fun and that you’re not upset with anybody. Of course, this is a shrowd pug run, so helpful instructions or no, your team mates are not long for this world. We need to prepare for the inevitable eventuality of a 100% danger mode solo run.

  1. Don’t target the doomsday orbs while your team mates are alive. Let them take care of that. The orb doesn’t hit back, so it makes logical sense to let your less experienced team mates fight the thing that isn’t going to rip their heads off.
  2. Have a double standard for healing: Don’t heal yourself if the danger meter is below 80%! Let your team mates revive you! That’s a full free health bar, and if you’re experienced enough to carry the team, you’ll be able to do a lot more with a full health bar than your inexperienced team mates can, so tap into that revive resource to get some free healing early on! I know it looks bad to die, but it’s better to swallow your pride and let it happen than waste your precious healing items. You’ll be needing those once all of your friends are dead and you’re fighting all by yourself!

Hopefully your team mates won’t notice that you’re telling them to heal if below half health but ignoring your own advice :grin:

Along this same line of logic, don’t hesitate to use the aether vent! Leaving it for your less-experienced team mates is a nice gesture, but ultimately they want to win, and you happen to be your team’s only chance, so don’t feel bad about slurping up that sweet aether juice! Your team mates will be thanking you when they’re harvesting shrowd’s corpse for trophies.

  1. Bring bulwark and stamina potions for survivability, but don’t use them until danger mode! Bulwark potions block 45% of incoming damage, so you get double the use out of them if you use them when the behemoth is doing double damage! In a way, popping a bulwark potion during danger mode is like turning off danger mode and taking the incoming damage back to normal levels! The same logic applies to your stamina potions. They can help you avoid taking hits when you run out of stamina, and it’s better to save these valuable resources for when the **** really hits the fan during danger mode.
  2. When fighting alone, don’t waste dps time on the clone. Shrowd is going to spam clone and keep popping them out like sausages. There’s no point to wasting time hitting the clone just so shrowd can make a new one 5 seconds after you’ve finally killed it. Remember, they have triple health in a 4-man party.

You just have to accept the clone as an environmental hazard. Try to drag shrowd away from his clone when possible, otherwise you just have to wait for windows to hit the real one while keeping clear of the clone.

  1. Build yourself for burst damage. Your attack windows will be small and infrequent, so builds that pump out high damage in short windows are best here. I recommend embermane lantern.
  2. Don’t allow yourself to think about dps! Humans are bloodthirsty by nature. Concentrate on never getting hit, and let your bloodthirsty subconscious worry about maximizing dps on the boss. Trust me, your subconscious has dps covered. If you don’t take hits, odds are good that you’ll win eventually.


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