Today we are heading back to the Shattered Isles to talk more about Dauntless and one of their behemoths, the Embermane. Now at the time this video was made- the NDA stops me from talking about some of the stuff I really want to touch on.. and while I could talk about the much bigger and cooler looking Pangar.. or show off the very unique Quillshot. The Embermane hopefully will give you a taste of something I can’t, but want to show you. So first.. let’s look at the Embermane. Affectionally called the Emberbae by the community.. It’s kind of like a feathered.. rhino.. horse.. with fire… you may have seen it in different colors.. and this is because Dauntless has.. almost different categorizations.. or difficulties of like behemoths. So the blue~ish tint you may have seen already is a beta Embermane… while this crimson red one is just a plain Embermane.. and as you can imagine.. there is a strength difference.. and while I cannot confirm that there may be versions of behemoths past beta and normal..

Just having two classifications would seem a bit silly, right? Now.. let me walk you through both of these behemoths and their fights. Of course.. subject to change.. alpha disclaimer and all that. But the Beta Embermane.. really boils down to two attacks.. a charge.. if you can even call it that.. he backs away from everyone and chooses a target at random to lunge at with a paw swipe. Easily dodgable with a side-step… from here he may follow it up with somewhat of a horn uppercut.. as he almost bucks like a horse- in a powerful cleave like melee attack… before deciding it’s time to charge again. The key to the fight is realizing that after about 3 charges.. he’s a bit tired.. and leaves himself open for about 3-4 seconds for you to wail on him. If anything.. this fight exists to teach you about relying on side-step and dodge rolls… and waiting for windows to attacks and patience.

The normal Embermane.. alongside increased damage, speed.. and style. Expands on the fight with new moves and a control of fire. In addition to faster charges that happen from further away.. he is much more aggressive with the horn uppercuts and even throws in a couple hind leg kicks into the mix and will use these in quick succession.. these are done with much less recovery and so being around him during this bucking is an easy way to get a horn to the chest.. he also has a series of fire attacks and doesn’t have the same 3-4 second window after charges. When he backs away to charge now… he has the potential to breath out a fire wave.. this is a frontal cone attacks that travels very far..

And while it looks solid there are small breaks in it that appear as it expands that you would be wise to find yourself in. He can also choose to lob, arcing fireballs.. which apply a temporary fire effect to the ground- all fire deals a heavy amount of direct damage and applies a damage over time, burn effect- the fire lob attack.. can also be used in conjuction with a back-hop.. this generally happens after a charge.. after some bucking.. and ends up being his only real noticable vulnerable moment as after the hop he remains pretty still for about 3-4 seconds. On top of this.. he has an enraged mode.. which can mess with damage levels, timings, speeds.. and most of all..

When he does go into enrage mode.. he deals high damage to those around him.. again.. punishing those in melee range. So the fight has some new stuff to pay attention to.. but due to scaling.. it’s no longer realistic to just wait for his windows.. sure.. you could use the Chain Blades to put in damage as he bucks around from the safety of it’s ranged attacks.. or you could roll the dice on getting some hits in in melee.. but where the Beta Embermane was a dodge and patience check. The Embermane is a bit of a.. mechanics check to survive and .. what I want to almost call a forcing a window check to actually kill him. This requires you take a more active roll in exploiting the behemoth.. this is done in what’s referenced to as booping the snoot… and it entails that during one of those terrifying frontal charges you need to stand in front of it and time an attack to hit him in the face… in the snoot..

To knock him over. Now.. sometimes even just avoiding the attack can prove tricky.. but getting the timing down to routinely toppled the Embermane.. is a game of chicken that will drain you of your potions when you learn it especially learning it with different weapons and their different attack timings.. so I had to call in the big guns for this video.. Keres and DezereDawn helped me out here.. and showed me.. that while me and my buddies who did this fight quite a few times.. when we did manage to kill it- we did it in about 15-20 minutes.. don’t judge us, we’re noobs… but I was shown that if you actually know how to play, with proper execution.. this fight can take less than 5 and is a hell of a lot safer.. and you can learn very slight windows that allow a shot or two in safely..

And just the design caters to a high skill cap.. and I have to tell you.. much like the Beta Embermane.. this fight still feels like training wheels.. getting you ready for the real thing. Keres also wanted to show me the Pangar.. but kept carting like a nerd so most of the footage is unusable. Now, I may be bending the NDA here.. but this idea of more mechanic based, almost interactive.. give and take.. or rather combat being more than just dodging skill sets.. is something that recurs.. and something that may just differentiate it enough from other games in the same genre. More on this in the coming weeks. I did want to also leave you with something that may also peak your interest.. and that is a response from part of the team at Phoenix Labs.. when asked about.. “Will there be any sort of extremely hard boss?” – The Memelord crash7800 himself answered- Oh yeah, We have some truly terrifying stuff that we can’t wait to show.

Mechanics akin to classic raid encounters, etc. We’re hoping to have several behemoths with an average fail rate of 90% because we know people want a challenge. 90% failure rate.. may even be a bit generous from what I’ve seen. But that will do it for me… until next time, this is Fevir. Peace..

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