I missed these chests the first time around so, here we go, ascendant chests while the curse is growing in strength. We’ll be going in our usual order, starting in the Bay of Drowned Wishes lost sector in the Mists. You’re going to run out into the lost sector and on the first big rock with a tree on it will be the chest, it’ll just be sitting right there on the rock. Next, we’re going to the Divalian Mists towards the entrance of Rheasilvia. Instead of going into the connector cave to Rheasilvia, keep going along the wall and then turn towards the Spine of Keres. You’ll see the platform generate here and you’re just gonna take it all the way up. Head to the Spine of Keres next. Halfway across the bridge to the oracle building, you’re gonna jump off to the right down some platforms. When you get to land, head left, going across another bridge and again, you will jump off the right side, go to the big circle platform and get chest 3, then head to the Garden of Esila in the Strand.

When in the Garden, go past the floating bridge to the circular plate. You’re going to jump over the ledge here and make some weird jumps up the sides of circle plates turned on their side up to the chest. Next, we’re going back to The Strand, head to the area where the public event happens. You need to climb all the way up the statue that is here in order to get to the platforms, it’s high up. When you finally get all the way up, you’re going to drop into the vertical tunnel and at the bottom of it is the chest. In Aphelion’s Rest, in the area right before the lost sector boss towards the right side will be a plate. A short distance away will be the next chest. Head to Rheasilvia next. Ok, this one is kind of weird to get, shoutout to raidsecrets for this one. Head to the hub where Petra normally is when she is here. You’re going to be scaling the rock cliffs that lead up to a lore collectible and a cat, just follow along on screen. When you finally get to the top, look left for the lone tree and hop on the rock behind it.

You’ll see a platform spawn, then another circle platform which will have 2 paths. Take the right one. You’ll notice it leads to nothing, this is where you leap of faith jump off of the plate and go straight forward and you’ll land on the plate with the chest. Again, just follow the video if you struggle with this one. Head to the Chamber of Starlight lost sector when you’re done. When in the main part of the lost sector, head off to the right side, there’s a small path that leads to a circle plate. Then, look towards where the ascendant challenge usually spawns in here and you’ll see plates spawning in.

This set of platforms goes up pretty high, it’ll take a little bit to get up there. Head to the Harbinger’s Seclude next.\par When in the first of the big rooms facing the direction I’m looking in the video, head off to the left side. There will be a big circle plate with a crystal in the center. To the bottom right of the plate is where the platforms start, in the air. This set isn’t too long. Finally, in the Confluence, head into the room where the Shattered Throne is and you should see platforms form above you as you walk in to the room.

Turn around and jump on them. This last chest is more of a maze, so go around to the left side, almost on the opposite side of the circle and navigate your way into the chest. Those are all of them for when the curse is getting stronger, thanks for watching, see you next time. .

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