Greetings Guardians! I’m lord snacks and I have a really loud epic voice *COUGH* Ahem, Alright enough of that okay, so the Crucible. I know everyone is salty about iron banner right now. I’m going to do a separate video about that next but for right now I want to focus on the positives. This is still pretty fun PvP, but to get the most out of it you’re gonna need to play smart.

We’ve got a lot to cover, so stay with me. Here is how to master the crucible. Number one: And I can’t stress this enough Trust. Your. Radar. Always keep an eye on it as it’s your best friend for finding or avoiding enemies. Next off Play. With. Friends. Having a homie watch your back is absolutely crucial, plus you guys can combine fire and absolutely wreck. Watch this, these two guys are on the ball right here. This leads into my next point: the head-to-head. Most gunfights start with you coming face-to-face with an enemy and whoever shoots first usually wins. Lightning-fast reflexes are key. Be sure to find a shady spot immediately after successful encounter to recover your health before Resuming the fight.

Now, as I said, working with friends is crucial so if you come head-to-head with two enemies then your best option is to run. Dip around a corner, toss a grenade to cover your retreat, and live to fight another day. But there’s a better way to play than trying to face tank everyone because even if you do survive a one-on-one somebody may show up seconds later and gank you while your health is low. This is where flanking comes in. This is a game where you can easily get distracted, you’re focused on an enemy, you’re camping a flag, whatever and you’re not paying attention to your sides or your back. Hit your enemies from the sides and from behind and you stand a pretty good chance of wiping out multiple foes.

Next I want to talk weapons. The undisputed King of PvP is the auto rifle. A good rule of thumb is you want to focus on rpms, that’s rounds per minute and magazine size. Impact across the board for most autos is solid. I stay away from hand cannons smgs and pulse rifles mostly because they haven’t got the follow-up power to take out multiple opponents. You get caught between reloads and it’s good night Guardian. Now, scout rifles and sidearms can be nice companions as your energy weapons are for softening shields and kinetic weapons are for finishing the job. Use your instincts on when’s the best situation use them But stick to your auto for most of the time. Nine times out of ten they should be enough to break through shields and kill your foes dead. Okay, special weapons.

I know there’s a lot of debate between rocket launchers, shotguns, and sniper rifles when it comes to what you should pack on your back. My answer? None of the above. The sword is the undisputed champ of PvP, in this Guardians humble opinion. When you bust the sword and you’re at least close to an enemy you’ll friggin heat-seek them and one slash means instant death. Jump into a group of enemies and they’re all dead before they know what happened. Now when it comes to getting that sweet, sweet special ammo Just remember your enemies want it too, don’t go blindly charging in when it spawns like a fly to a bug zapper. Do it this way: Not this way: Now guns and tactics are only half the battle, the other half is gear and classes. Let’s tackle classes first. I’m a hunter main, so I’ll be covering those in this video. Stay tuned for PvP breakdowns by class. I just need to get off my ass and grind out my other characters.

Out of all the hunter subclasses my favorite is the Night Stalker. Now it may seem like Arcstrider is the way to go, and yes that subclass is really good, but it’s all about the whole package here. After a lot of crucible I can say the Nightstalker is the way to go for hunters, and here’s why: One, you get two grenades. Two, you can disappear like Predator. Just watch me juke this guy: And Three, the shadowbolt this is my personal favorite way of dispatching enemies wholesale. It’s like being stuck in a spider’s web. You can literally do nothing but eat lead. This is perfect for modes like control where multiple enemies will be camping objectives. Okay, so what about the other two classes? As mentioned Arcstrider has a great super, but not such great grenades. I prefer using it when I’ve got to grind out one of those “defeat a player while their super is active” challenges. Last we have the Gunslinger. This subclass is a bit more useful all-around than Arcstrider but you better aim straight if you plan on using it.

Grenades for this class are slightly better and the throwing knife is an excellent way for taking down shields, allowing you to shred provided you can land a hit. Okay for this last part we’ll talk about armor. I like to go for high resilience and mobility just since I can recover find between gunfights. As for what exotics reign supreme I haven’t gotten my hands on all of them yet but I can’t say the Foetracker is nice, really helps when you’re not sure which way an enemy will break from behind cover. The Raiden Flux chest armor is good too as it will increase the length of your Arcstrider super. Let’s talk rewards now. The Crucible and Iron Banner do have rewards although the quality of said rewards is… debatable. But I will cover that in my Iron Banner video. So you get tokens for every match completed and extra ones if you beat challenges. These can be cashed in at Lord Shaxx or Lord Saladin if you’re doing Iron Banner. Turn them in, get engrams, open and engrams, get gear. Pretty straightforward. Now, I’m still grinding up to 300 I’ve got a few pieces that have brought me up at least a couple of points But still for right now Grinding public events is probably the way to go if you’re on your grind for gear or you want exotics.

That just about covers everything, all the basics anyway. If you’re still here What follows are a few random tips for crucible domination. First off, if you come face to face with someone resist the urge to melee them. Odds are you won’t even get through their shield and you’re opening yourself up to get shot. Only melee when their shields are down. When capturing a point I like to start doing an emote.

This will increase your field of vision and you can see approaching threats. Make sure to turn your camera in the direction of the nearest radar ping. This one should be obvious but get a good feel for the maps, learn all the little nooks and crannies. This will help you when it comes to flanking your enemies. On the subject of the MIDA multi-tool controversy I will say in the right hands it can be totally OP But given it’s a scout rifle a little distance is required so there’s that.

Movement speed when paired with a sword is pretty deadly, but there are drawbacks to using the MIDA multi-tool MIDA mini combo. The Mini just doesn’t have a ton of impact and for face-to-face encounters you’re probably gonna get shredded by an auto rifle. Last, but not least be silent but deadly. Keep your ears open for double jumps, gunfire, and other noises. This can mean the difference between running smack-dab into the enemy team and outfoxing the competition. Okay, that’s it. I hope you enjoyed our little chat Please be sure to check out some of my other destiny videos and let me know what you think. Stay tuned for more and happy hunting Guardians..

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