Hi Guardians, welcome back. Today we are going to talk about this beautiful titan chestpiece the Hallowfire Heart. This exotic looks awesome with the fire inside the chest, this really reminds me of the iron banner chest piece which also has a fire light up inside as well. So I got this from an exotic engram and let start talking about this chest piece. The description goes, You who seek the forge: your journey will be long, but your destination is closer than you think. This chest piece can increase your resilience or recovery and as for the exotic perk we have the Sunfire furnace which will greatly improve the recharge rate of your solar abilities while hammer of sol is charged. So the tradeoff is faster solar abilities while you are holding on to your super. This is probably not that useful in Pvp, since your super usually only kicks in at the later stage of a match and you don’t want to hold on to your super too long neither, since Hammer of Sol is arguably one of the better supers out there. You will find more use of the Hallowfire Heart in Pve, where you can save your super for an upcoming yellow bar, captain or boss, and in the meantime enjoy the greater increase in your solar abilities.

So the million dollar question is , how much faster is the recharge rate. So I did some testing. For the test I used all the Titan abilities, so that is the barricade, grenade and melee without the super and I compared the recharge time with the abilities while I holding on to my super. And here are the results: Without the super it took me 38 seconds to regenerate my barricade 82 seconds to regenerate my grenade And 70 seconds to regenerate my melee While holding on to my super The barricade took 38 seconds, My grenade was charged in 25 seconds And my melee returned in 26 seconds As you can see the grenade and melee recharged much much quicker than usual. However the barricade took the same time to recharge, and I was quite surprised about this so I double checked the numbers and they all add up. And after checking the exotic perk again it seems to be that the barricade does not fall under a solar ability so it won’t recharge this.

So the grenade and melee recharges much quicker, for the grenade this is about 70% faster recharge rate and for the melee this is a 63% increase. This is significantly faster than the standard recharge rates, and if throwing grenades and using melees fits your playstyle than you will definitely enjoy this exotic chest piece. This is a great chest piece if you are maining a sunbreaker, unfortunately the recharge rates won’t apply if you are a striker or sentinel, which is really too bad that would have definitely make this exotic more useful. So that is my review on the Hallowfire Heart, and I am going to give it a B+ Thanks for watching this review, I just finished all of my Lost Sector Videos so if you are looking for the locations of lost sectors go have a look at the Lost Sector Playlist which I will link in the description below or you can find it in the right hand corner as a youtube card.

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