Public Events are brief battles that periodically occur in the open world. They are marked with an icon and a timer on the map. A Rally Flag marks their location on the ground. Using the Rally Flagwill refill your ammo and abilities, so it is helpful to arrive early. Each event also has a Heroic version, which rewards double the XP and items. This section of the guide explains how to successfully complete each Public Event, as well as how to activate Heroic events.

Cabal Excavation

  • Stand in the control point until the Thresher aircraft appears overhead. This occurs between 30-40%, depending on the location of the event.
  • Destroy the Thresher to activate the Heroic event.
  • In the Heroic event, Excavator Valus will appear from a drop pod. Defeat him to complete the event.
    1. Running out of time will cause the event to fail.
    2. Fully capturing the point will complete the normal event.

Disrupt Vex Construction

  • You must prevent Integrator enemies from reaching the central spire.
  • Three capture points will spawn. These can be located by following the three lines that are projected from the central spire.
  • Fully capturing each of these three points activates the Heroic event.
  • In the Heroic event, powerful Vex enemies will spawn. Defend the spire until the timer ends in order to complete the Heroic event.
    1. Allowing ten Integrators to reach the spire will cause the event to fail.
    2. Defending the spire until the end of the timer, but not capturing the points will complete the normal event.

Ether Resupply

  • Prime Ether Servitor will appear in the center of the event area.
  • Attack the Prime Servitor until a smaller Transport Servitor appears to shield it. Kill the Transport Servitor to remove the shield.
  • Once you deplete the first segment of the Prime Servitor’s HP bar, it will spawn three Transport Servitors.
  • Killing all three Transport Servitors will activate the Heroic event. However, the Transport Servitors disappear after about 30 seconds, so this must be done quickly.
  • In the Heroic event, the Prime Ether Servitor is much stronger. It now has a volley attack and can teleport players high into the air.
  • Defeat the Prime Ether Servitor in order to complete the Heroic event.
    1. Running out of time will cause the event to fail.
    2. The normal event can be completed by defeating the Prime Ether Servitor, but not killing the three Transport Servitors.

Glimmer Extraction

  • Glimmer Drill will be dropped at the event site. Shortly afterwards, an attack team of Fallen will be deployed from a dropship.
  • A small Glimmer Extractor will spawn near the Drill after about 5 seconds. One Extractor spawns per site, and unkilled Extractors transfer over to the next site. Killing all three extractors will activate the Heroic event.
  • Once all of the powerful enemies from the first attack team are defeated, a second attack team will be dropped near the mining site.
  • Defeating the Excavation Captain completes the first mining site.
  • second mining site will be activated around 200m away. After that site is cleared, a third mining site will appear.
  • Once all three Extractors are successfully destroyed, the Heroic event activates and a control point is created. Fully capture the point to complete the Heroic event.
    1. Running out of time will cause the event to fail.
    2. Defeating all three Excavation Captains without killing the Extractors will complete the normal event.

Injection Rig

  • The Injection Rig has three sets of exhaust ports, located at the top, middle, and bottom of the Rig.
      1. Note that the two top ports are linked. Destroying one port will also destroy the second. This is also true for the two middle ports. There is only one bottom port.
  • After the Injection Rig appears, an Infiltrator Psion will spawn. Killing the Psion causes a dome to surround the event area.
  • The exhaust ports will then open for a few seconds and begin venting, allowing them to be damaged. However, they can only be damaged from inside of the dome, and players will take periodic damage while standing in the dome while the ports are venting.
      1. If you stand precisely on the edge of the dome, you can damage the ports without taking periodic damage.
  • Destroy as many ports as possible by using grenades and power ammo. Dying in order to maximize damage is a valid strategy, since the respawn timer is very short here.
  • second Infiltrator Psion then spawns. This cycle repeats for a total of three Psions.
  • Destroying all three sets of ports will activate the Heroic event.
  • After the third vent phase, Infiltrator Valus will appear. In the Heroic event, Infiltrator Valus is much stronger and has a powerful short-range attack that knocks players away and deals a large amount of damage.
  • Defeat Infiltrator Valus to complete the Heroic event.
    1. Running out of time will cause the event to fail.
    2. Defeating Infiltrator Valus without destroying all three sets of ports will complete the normal event.

Taken Blight

  • A large Blight Sphere appears at the event location.
  • smaller Blight Sphere will spawn nearby, surrounded by a dome. Small Blight Spheres can only be damaged while standing inside their domes. However, players will take periodic damage while inside domes.
  • Destroying the small Blight Sphere causes the large Blight Sphere to move to a second location approximately 200m away.
  • At the second location, two small Blight Spheres will spawn. Once these are destroyed, the large Blight Sphere moves again. Three small Blight Spheres spawn at the third location.
  • Stepping into the dome surrounding a small Blight Sphere grants a buff called Blight Receding. This buff lasts for 4 seconds and allows players to damage the large Blight Sphere.
  • Destroying the large Blight Sphere activates the Heroic event.
      1. Note that the large Blight Sphere has significantly less HP each time it moves. Thus, while it is possible to activate the Heroic event at the first location, it is easier to wait until the third location to do this.
  • Once the large Blight Sphere is destroyed, the Blightmaker appears. Defeating the Blightmaker completes the Heroic event.
    1. Running out of time will cause the event to fail.
    2. Completing all three locations without destroying the large Blight Sphere completes the normal event.

Vex Crossroads

  • This event takes place in a large space below The Lighthouse on Mercury. At the start of the event, the left and right areas are active, while the center area is not.
  • Go to either the left or right section of the event area.
  • Kill Vex until the event progresses to 100%.
  • At this point, a Keeper of Ages Present will spawn. Once it is defeated, it will drop two Arc Charges.
  • Players must pick up the Arc Charges and drop them into the two nearby warp gates. These are located on top of pillars, just above where the Keeper spawned.
  • Placing the Charges causes the a jump gate to spin around and activate. Players must use the jump gate to reach the outer islands.
      1. To survive the jump, players must go through the Vex Ring on the way to the outer island. You can adjust your jump trajectory by moving forwards or backwards while in the air.
  • On the outer islands, there will be another Keeper of Ages Present. Killing it causes it to drop two Arc Charges.
  • Dropping one charge into the central warp gate will disable the gate.
  • crystal will spawn in the air towards the back of the island. Shooting it will cause a platform to appear.
      1. Both the platforms and the crystals will disappear after a short period of time, so it is important to move quickly through this part of the event.
  • Continue to jump on platforms and shoot crystals as they appear. Eventually you will reach the top of the spire.
  • Standing in the control point on top of the spire for a few seconds actives the Heroic event.
  • Repeat Steps 2-7 for the other section of the event area. Once both warp gates have been disabled, the center area will become active.
  • Travel to the center area and attack the Gate Lord until it shields itself.
  • Locate and kill the Keeper of Ages Present to remove the shield.
  • Defeating the Gate Lord completes the event.
    1. Running out of time will cause the event to fail.
    2. Defeating the Gate Lord, but failing to reach the top of the spire completes the normal event.

Weapons Exchange

  • Three sets of Scorch Cannons will appear at the event location. These are surrounded by blue barrier domes.
  • Shortly after, an Arsenal Walker will be dropped in. It has six legs and is immune to damage for a brief period after it appears. It can be damaged once the lights on its legs turn on.
  • Destroying one of the Arsenal Walker’s legs causes it to drop three Arc Charges. Players should try to focus fire on the same leg.
  • Players should pick up the Arc Charges and deposit them in the bins next to each of the three Scorch Cannons.
  • Activating both bins by a Scorch Cannon deactivates its barrier dome, allowing players to pick up the Cannon. These are special Rocket Launchers that deal a lot of damage to the Arsenal Walker.
  • Once all of the barrier domes have been deactivated, the Heroic event begins. Players will need to destroy at least two legs in order to do this (for a total of six Arc Charges).
  • second Arsenal Walker will be dropped in shortly afterwards.
  • Players should use the Scorch Cannons to destroy the legs on each Arsenal Walker. This disables the Walker and exposes a weak spot. Continue to pick up and use the Scorch Cannons to damage the Walkers. Destroying both Walkers completes the Heroic event.
    1. Running out of time will fail the event.
    2. Destroying the first Walker before all of the barrier domes have been deactivated completes the normal event.

Witches’ Ritual

  • Two Ritual Witches spawn at the event location. They are protected by a shield and will be immune to damage.
  • There are also two control points in this event. Standing on the left point allows you to damage the left Witch, and standing on the right point allows you to damage the right Witch.
  • After the Witches are defeated, a Crystal will appear on each side directly above where the Witches were. As with the Witches, these are immune to damage. Standing on the left control point will allow you to damage the left Crystal, and standing on the right point will allow you to damage the right Crystal.
  • Destroying both of the Crystals will activate the Heroic event. However, the control points disappear after about 30 seconds, so this must be done quickly.
  • Shortly after this, an Abyssal Champion emerges from the portal. Defeating the Champion completes the Heroic event.
    1. Running out of time will fail the event.
    2. In the normal event, another Ritual Witch appears instead of the Abyssal Champion. Defeating the Witch completes the normal event.


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