What is up guys, Rick Kackis here and today we’re going to be discussing a pretty big topic within the Destiny community that has very recently gotten A LOT bigger. Now that is the topic of remade and reintroduced exotic weapons and armor. This topic has been around in the community since the get-go with the simple question being asked: Would you be okay with remade Destiny 1 exotic weapons and armor returning in Destiny 2? The community reactions and responses have quite frankly ranged across the spectrum with some people saying: No, I don’t want any remade exotics this is Destiny 2, I want it to be entirely new. And on the other hand people saying: Yeah, I want my, you know, favorite exotic weapon or armor piece in Destiny 1 returning, why can’t we have a new Destiny 2 Hawkmoon or a Destiny 2 Gjallarhorn? That would be sweet! However I think it would be fair to say that a lot of people, I would argue the majority of people out there would fall into the same category I find myself falling into, which is: Yes, I don’t mind the occasional remade exotic weapon or armor piece, but I would much prefer new things.

New Destiny 2 exotic weapons and armor and then, maybe down the line with a free update or a paid expansion, more remade exotics can be introduced, but certainly not a TON of remakes with the very launch of Destiny 2. That’s going to prevent it from feeling like a fresh, new start if you’re getting the Hawkmoon yet again, or if you’re getting the Truth yet again – if you know what I mean. Now what was I was saying earlier about this topic really re-emerging quite recently? Well, we have the new Crucible trailer – – official trailer released by Bungie This trailer shows a bunch of PvP gameplay there was several things revealed in the background – I’ve already done a video kind of analyzing a bunch of those things It’s up on the screen if you want to check it out, click the link. But, uh, two things were seen in this trailer that, again, has started this debate back in full. Now, first off we have this screenshot here showcasing a Warlock with a very interesting chest piece. If it looks familiar it’s because it’s a dead-ringer for the current Destiny 1 exotic chest piece, the Starfire Protocol as you can see here The Starfire Protocol, in case you’ve forgotten, provides an exotic ability where you gain an additional Fusion Grenade.

Uh, I think a lot of you are going: Great, more Fusion Grenades in Destiny 2 – but, in any event, I mean, here you go, it really does look similar There is a couple of things that may be going on here: Number one, this could just be a re-skin. Destiny is certainly used to re-skins. I mean, we had the actual raid scout rifle from Crota’s End just with a different camouflage and then a different Legendary Weapon later on.

Like, it was just a total obvious re-skin we’ve had a bunch of those in Destiny’s history So they could just be reusing assets, and this is a random blue or Legendary with the same look. In fact, what you’re seeing onscreen is ANOTHER example of this happening with a blue hand cannon that was in Destiny since it launched being re-skinned into the Ace of Spades exotic hand cannon at a later date. So, there you go that’s definitely a possibility and I think a lot of people were quick to jump to conclusions, but let’s not forget re-skinning.

Now, the other possibility is that this is absolutely the reintroduced Starfire Protocol as it is, with the same perk, looks the same they’re just reintroducing it in Destiny 2 that’s also definitely a possibility There is, however, a THIRD possibility, it’s that this is still the Starfire Protocol, reintroduced in Destiny 2, but it has different perks maybe it does give you an additional Fusion Grenade, but maybe it has other exotic perks that do more things: Cause a lingering fire effect when you hit the ground or something Right? like something we’ve never seen before So, what do you guys think about those different scenarios? and that’s a really interesting question What actually happens? Which one of those scenarios actually happens will greatly impact people’s view on the subject I’m sure if I was to say to you guys watching right now: Yup, it’s the Starfire Protocol exactly as it is in Destiny 1 reintroduced.

There probably wouldn’t be the greatest response. I think a lot of people would say: Eh, you know it’s not that great, but again, where’s the new stuff? I want new things. But, if I was instead to say: That’s the Starfire Protocol reintroduced but also remade with a bunch of new perks that we’ve never seen before I think that response would be a lot more positive I think that’s safe to say. So it really is going to depend what Bungie actually does in this scenario but this does look like we have new confirmation of an old exotic returning here. Now, this may be a one-off maybe this is just a re-skin, as I said earlier, it just looks like the Starfire Protocol, it’s kind of random. BUT then we have this screenshot here, showcasing a Titan that is pretty clearly using what is currently the Taikonaut exotic Titan helmet in Destiny. Now, in case you’ve forgotten about the Taikonaut, a lot of people have, It has an exotic perk called Air Traffic Control where all rocket launchers gain tracking radar remains visible while zooming with heavy weapons and heavy ammo drops more often actually a pretty underrated exotic in Destiny right now if you don’t mind me saying.

So, whereas the one screenshot of something that looked like a Starfire Protocol could just be random coincidence having TWO returning exotics – or what definitely appears to be returning exotic armor pieces in Destiny 2 that’s a little bit more than coincidence, right, we’re starting to very much confirm their existence So, that’s really interesting in one simple PvP trailer guys we’ve seen TWO returning Destiny 1 exotics – in ONE trailer there was like two minutes of gameplay and we saw TWO exotics we already recognize So, how many remade exotics are in Destiny 2? What if… all of them are? I mean, it’s something kind of weird to say – and I seriously do doubt it’s ALL of them, but what if there’s a good number? And what if that number doesn’t detract from anything new? Bungie could legitimately be adding, like ten, twenty, fifteen, something new exotic armor pieces like, just completely new armor pieces that we’ve never seen before – enough to justify its own game, enough to justify Destiny 2 and then ON TOP OF THAT reintroducing pretty much all of the Destiny 1 old exotics maybe some right now and then the rest over time a lot of them certainly would still work in Destiny 2 I mean, the Taikonaut, you’d have to change “heavy ammo drop increase” to “power ammo drop increase”, but other than that it would work perfectly in Destiny 2 In fact, actually, more power ammo is really useful so maybe it would be even better in Destiny 2, right? So, what exactly is your opinions on this? I would love to know in the comment section because this is a very complicated topic like, are you guys okay with these reintroduced exotics? However, I do think MOST of you are in the same boat I am, which is simply just waiting for more information before necessarily passing judgement.

As I said earlier, if they’re adding a TON of new exotics, and then also on top of that doing some remade exotics – I don’t care, Bungie, go for it! Reintroduce whatever you want as long as there is a substantial number of NEW exotics as a baseline But, I think it’s also safe to say that if there’s only a handful of new exotic armor pieces, if there’s only like TWO armor pieces that are new per character and the rest are just reintroduced from Destiny 1 I think a lot of people would be pretty mad a lot of people would NOT be thrilled with that. They want that new content, they don’t just want a bunch of remakes and re-skins. So, that is definitely a topic that hopefully will get answered soon hopefully Bungie is on top of this – Bungie, do NOT have the majority of your weapons and armor in Destiny 2 be re-skins like PLEASE don’t do that because I, for one, am itching for some new stuff In any event, I hope you guys enjoyed this video enjoyed the discussion – if you did, PLEASE remember to help me out by simply rating and especially sharing this video.

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